Yes, You Are a Genius


For the past 25-years, we have worked with seemingly ordinary people of all age groups who went on to do extraordinary things.

We call this ability “Genius” and you have it right now, whether you realize it or not.

The reason you’re not living your true Genius now is because it has been suppressed by school, society, work environments and even well meaning parents and friends.

You were born with an extraordinary set of innate abilities—your own natural genius.

Your personal genius is as unique as your fingerprint. No one else in the world has the same level of Genius as you. You are unique in the world today.

You’ve been shackled all of your life. When you went to school, you learned to follow limits and rules that put your genius in a straitjacket.

You were constantly told to …

… Follow rules

… Memorize information

… Fill out the worksheets

… Conform.

Everything has to be done their way. Whether it was standing in line or coloring within the lines, your genius was shackled. You never had a chance.

Instead of focusing on your special talents and passions, teachers measured you by how quickly you learned your multiplication tables or the spelling of certain words. And as a child, you absorbed that way of thinking and …

you began to ignore your own unique genius.

You ignored your Genius because you were trained to look for mistakes.

You learned to correct the “wrong” answers, instead of focusing on the positive.

Your education stifled you. You were shown that most things were wrong and that you had to learn from your mistakes. This is a serious flaw in our educational system.

Your book is full of golden nuggets that can open wonderful doors for its readers – and I am convinced that the voice of reason and insight here will speak to many, many people.  Our world is in dire need of discovering how we have been dumbed down by the system. It is about time that we begin to recognize our true potential and live up to it.
So many catching phrases made such a big impression on me – to name but a few

“Genius needs the right environment to express itself. If you play a game that is too small, your genius has no reason to show up. If you play a game that is too big, you tend to freeze, and your genius abilities can’t  express themselves.” How profound.
“Genius is only complicated when you tamper with it, when you try to box it in, label it, and make it conform to some preconceived image.”
“The appetite for genius is the desire for meaning” – pardon me for quoting your own work – but your book is simply wonderful and I would love to promote this for you if you would like me participation.

Elfreda Pretorius
Author: Stop Struggling and Start Living. The Rules of the Game

Now, for the first time there is a book to help you reprogram your thinking and get back on track.

That one-of-a-kind resource is, Yes, You Are a Genius. Here is what you will learn:

  • The first step to take to unlock your natural genius. This powerful element is the key to finding and making the most of your unique gifts.
  • How to get past the inner voice that tries to defeat you before you even get started. Without knowing this secret, you’ll never be able to maximize your genius to attain everything you truly deserve.
  • Why your genius is so often labeled as “stupid” or “trouble,” when you are really too smart for school!
  • The single most important action you must take in order to guarantee your genius potential does not remain hidden but instead bursts out and dazzles everyone around you.
  • The proven scientific facts behind undiscovered genius. You’ll be astonished at how incredibly smart your body is!
  • Why it’s so important to learn how to say NO and how NO can make your dreams come true.
  • The most important part of your body for finding genius (Hint: it’s NOT YOUR BRAIN). It’s the part of your body that makes living your genius easy and painless.
  • How to find greater depth and connection in your love life and understand how finding real love can help you realize amazing abilities you never knew you had!
  • The five clues for figuring out where your genius lies, and how to take advantage of it to catapult yourself to the top.
  • The crucial emotional factor that allows you to pinpoint how YOU are extraordinary, and how to make sure you can trust it completely.
  • The amazing and surprising ways genius shows itself and how to make the most of these miraculous opportunities.
  • Why people who are in touch with their genius are on fire, unstoppable, and capable of achieving everything they ever imagined.
  • How to overcome the natural resistance your mind will put up during your journey towards genius. Utilize this simple technique and you’ll have everything you want and deserve in life.
  • How to reveal your true passion in life. You’ll learn how to avoid the mistake most people make when they try to turn their passion into a paycheck.
  • Why some people take longer to achieve success, and how you can use this information to jumpstart your amazing transformation.
  • The little-known source of power that Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods use to stay on top of their game. How to use this amazing secret to achieve the “impossible.”
  • How to become a leader and attract a group of people that will help you achieve your goals no matter what.
  • The one crucial thing that school systematically taught you to ignore, but is really the key to attaining happiness in your life.
  • The reasons your parents and teachers may have suppressed your genius, and how to blast through the mental blocks that are ingrained in you right now.
  • How to rewire your brain to reconnect to the genius that is lying deep within you. Once you unleash this power, the possibilities to what you can accomplish are infinite.
  • How finding your genius can make miracles happen in your life every single day!


We have made a lot of bold promises in this site. We have told you there is a key to unlocking the door to an unbelievable and significant life; one you can only dream about today. You may be a bit skeptical. It may sound too good to be true and that worries you.

That’s healthy and prudent way to feel.

Frankly, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. All we ask is to read the book and decide for yourself if what we’re promising is true.

If this book does not:

  • Transform your life.
  • Open the door to new possibilities
  • Help you achieve everything we promised in this letter

We insist that you ask for a refund.  

We are happy to take all the risk and put it on our shoulders. We would not have it any other way.

So order Yes, You Are a Genius, risk free, today

Read it thoroughly over the next 30-days. Digest the life altering, valuable ideas and secrets that are only known by a select few who were lucky enough to find this information.

If you can honestly say that Yes, You Are a Genius does not deliver as promised, just send it back in saleable condition for a complete refund. And we’ll give it with a smile.

You’ll Get OVER 5-Times Your Money’s Worth

Everyone who has read this book says that information like this, based on results that can be obtained by anyone should sell for $200.00 or more. 

But you are not going to pay anywhere near that much. We want everyone to experience the life altering benefits of this amazing book so we won’t charge hundreds of dollars.