The Genius Profile

This combination of assessments and interviews is the most comprehensive evaluation system for human brilliance. The result is a true blueprint of who you really are and how others see you. It serves as a strong foundation for a significant and prosperous career, business and life.

Growth Environment
The Behavioral Style
Assessment DISC
Creating Money
Strengths and Talents
Genius Needs Program
12 Genius Intelligences
Genius Values Program
SAVITI Learning Style assessment
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Identify Your Environment for Growth
Genius needs ongoing and specific challenges to grow and unfold. Identify specific environmental requirements that help your genius to develop and determine the playground that engages your interests, strengths and passion in the most beneficial way.
Creating Money
Monetizing your strengths is key to turn your unique brilliance into ongoing prosperity with creativity and passion.
The Behavioral Style Assessment DISC
Use these results to discover your innate behavioral preferences and how you communicate authentically. Where can you be naturally who you are? In which situations do you adapt your behavior? The results of this proven behavioral assessment tool will give you profound insights into the most powerful body language - your own behavior. It accounts for up to 70% of human communication and is the most effective (but frequently overlooked) leadership tool. Learn how to identify and use the strengths of various behavioral styles, and how to not only tolerate but leverage diversity to the fullest.
Build on Your Extraordinary Accomplishments
Review your extraordinary accomplishments and learn from your own past in a new way. Experience how you created these 'genius moments' and what caused them to happen. Exceptional accomplishments are not just the A's you received at school, they are all the moments when you did something extraordinarily well and no-one (the least you) might have expected it. Most people contribute these moments to luck or other outside forces. Own these happenings and get deeper insights about these powerful moments. This enables you to create extraordinary accomplishments to bring your personal and professional life to a new level.
Maximize Your Unique Talents and Strengths
Complete the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment online and determine your 5 core strengths. Benefit from the extensive 30-year research with 10 Million individuals, completed by the Gallup Institute in 2001. The results inspired thousands of people around the world to stop fixing their weaknesses and to make smarter career and business decisions based on their strengths. Benefit from these new insights and apply the results immediately in your daily personal and professional life.
Identify Your Personal Needs/Motivators
By using the 'Genius Needs Program' you will discover what motivates you internally as a unique person so you can perform at your best. Learn how to fulfill these needs in every area of your life. You will be surprised how much more energy and motivation you feel when you are clear on your needs and how to create an environment that satisfies them.
Identify Your Genius Intelligence
Expand your perception of intelligence far beyond IQ and explore a total of 12 qualities of human intelligence to identify your unique 'intelligence fingerprint'. After 26 years of research Harvard Psychologist Howard Gardner published his work on 'Multiple Intelligences' in 2006 and identified 8 dimensions of human intelligence: musical, linguistic, logic-mathematical, visual-spatial, bodily kinesthetic, inter-personal, intra-personal and naturalistic intelligences. We added 4 more qualities for a bigger view of your unique intelligence as a core part of your personal genius profile.
Discover Your Personal Values/Desires
Find out what your true passions are for creating your professional career and personal life. Your values are the foundation for your purpose and direction in life. Be surprised how much more effective you can be and how much more joy you experience just by acting aligned with your core values.
Explore your Learning Preferences
Identify your unique ways to taking in and process new information in the most effective way possible. Conventional learning style assessments evaluate three preferences - visual, auditory and kinesthetic (hands-on). Based on our research and experience with bright children, teenagers and adults we added three additional modalities to describe the variety of powerful and efficient ways of human learning. Benefit from these new insights to accelerate your natural curiosity and hunger for meaningful information.