The Parent Academy

I’m not a genius. I’m just a tremendous bundle of experience! -Buckminster Fuller

A New Way of Talking

Few parents realize how strong the communication, spoken and unspoken, is between them and their children. It literally shapes their character and creates their behaviors. Since children in the same family nearly always have different personality traits, communication that produces a positive result in one child may produce a radically negative result in another. The confusion and chaos these situations create can be staggering.

In the Genius Program for Schools students discover types of communication that do and don’t work for them. The Parent Academy program helps parents understand these differences and helps them to reinforce the positive side of their bright student. They are briefed on the details of their child’s strengths, values, needs, learning methods and growth environment. In this way, they become the “Chief Education Officer” (CEO) of thier child’s education and can play a positive supporting role in helping their child find the full joy and creativity of their gifts. Parents will also learn

  • To overcome daily challenges with homework and communication
  • To collaborate with teachers more effectively
  • To find new ways for building trust and confidence
  • To lead strengths based conversations
  • To offer and request mutual respect
  • To become a trusted advisor for lifetime to your children
  • To prevent learning disorders and social  behavior challenges

The program is comprised of several evening sessions. Parents also participate in parent/student interviews at the beginning and conclusion of the Genius Program for Schools.