Schools Testimonials

Just wanted to provide a little feedback on the classes Otto’s doing for the parents. Keren is taking the class and finding it very helpful. Beyond that, she had to miss one day, and he scheduled with her a private call to help her make up what she had missed. He spent more than 40 minutes on the phone with her, one on one, which she really appreciated and was very impressed by. Overall, he is becoming a tremendous gift to our community, and is really going above and beyond for our parents, our teachers and our kids. Tracee

I just wanted to thank you for the gift of your book. I finally had a chance to start it this weekend and I didn’t want to put it down! So much of it resonated with me and still is…I truly feel like Genius Coaching is the missing link from my life and I can’t contain my passion and excitement for what is to come! You have also reinspired me to sit down and finally start working on the book I want to write, so thank you for sharing your stories with us and being transparent, it has been life changing for me. Blessings, Nicole

I was fortunate to make a connection with Otto, by a parent of one of my students. I heard Otto’s name come up in the Gifted community during my years as an educator. I was very inspired as to what this parent had to say about Otto and his work. The next day I placed a call to Otto and my first conversation with him was invigorating! I went to my director and told her about Otto’s work and how it could be beneficial to school community (students, parents, and staff). 

We toured a school which implements his program successfully…..It didn’t take long for my director to see to the positive influence that Otto’s program has on a school’s community. I was fortunate enough to go through Genius Coaching training. During that time, I was beginning to implement many of the strategies with my students that I had learned in the seminars.

My students took beautifully to the various exercises taught such as vitality, breathing, balance, expansion, mobility, and connection. Implementing these exercises daily, there was personal and academic growth for the students.
As a parent and educator, I find Genius Coaching to be extremely beneficial. Fortunately, Pardes Jewish Day School, will be implementing the Genius strategies the beginning of the 2015, school year.
This is an incredible program that encourages people to learn about their strengths and applying those strengths to enhance their life/lifestyle. I am a believer! – Hope Rosky

Laura is seeing great benefits in school because of the body meditation that you taught her! She was stressing out before her math tests, couldn’t concentrate, and hadn’t been doing as well as she could. After suggesting that she do a body meditation before her next test (I also asked her teacher to remind her), she got a much better grade! I expect to see continued improvement. She has seen the proof that body meditation works, and her confidence has grown considerably! I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to hearing from you. – Corilyn O.

Haley is doing SOOO great this year in school she is very busy still making top grades well over a 4.0 and with 2 college classes, she has applied for the PERFECT job recently… working at a fitness café at a large health club using her culinary skills and interests and at the same time she gets a free membership to the club to continue working on her dance skills. She has selected to be a back up dancer for the half time show for the Orange Bowl on New Years this coming year!! She is so excited. I feel that her work with you allowed her to expand her confidence and strengthen her mental ability to accept new and greater challenges for herself. – Jessica Brewster, Scottsdale, AZ

I am a mother of a gifted child and interested in possibly taking the course for certification. My son and I went through a 12 week course with Otto and found it to work fabulously for us. – Barbara Manley

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done with Zak! When we started seeing you, I was at the end of my rope. In some ways, he was the “perfect” kid…never disobeyed and always wanting to please me. I could “read him” like a book and know that he was in constant stress and fear of letting the world down. He had no passion and no sparkle in his eyes…the saddest thing for a parent (this parent, at least!) He was failing in school and couldn’t concentrate. He was not allowed to try out for basketball because of the no pass/no play policy and was devastated. No tutoring or grounding or bribing seemed to make a difference. I had wondered if there was a physical issue…like chemical or hormonal. Little did I know there was a PHYSICAL issue!He was completely shut down and his body needed to be opened up! Several weeks in to our work with you and doing the exercises, he began processing some intense and severe emotional and physical blockages. He had had two surgeries on kidney and bladder and we learned from you some of the reasons why he had issues in those areas.

We have had some incredible and emotional breakthroughs regarding the loss of his father. His father committed suicide 5 years before. The emotional and physical toll it took on him was robbing him of his own life! We didn’t talk about that topic much in the sessions, but the physical exercises and other conversation always resulted in a processing on the trip home and afterward! Fast forward after a summer of fun, love, processing and exercising…he has been in school for 4 weeks and has straight A’s! His grades at the end of last year were F,D,D,D,C,and one A in PE! He had cried to me last year that he just didn’t know how to get an “A”…like he couldn’t see the little assignments in front of him through the overwhelming concept of an “A”! He is maintaining this as he plays baseball for school and occasionally babysits and other jobs at home and parent’s office! I think your genius coaching and the very-important information we learned through some of the assessments has helped Zak understand himself, forgive himself and allow himself to pursue his unique gifts and talents. So thank you for the great start to his 8th grade school year and the rest of his life! We will look forward to “growing” with you! – Katherine Gould, Golden Fortune Interiors, LLC