Genius Program for Schools – Details

We are all geniuses up to the age of ten.  – Aldous Huxley

Bright students are frequently not identified by the traditional limited criteria of giftedness or IQ, especially if their brilliance covers areas outside the school system. Unidentified bright children might develop behavioral disorders – physical alarm signals – showing that ‘something is wrong’ in their developmental environment. Concerned parents, the education system and/or the medical system frequently respond to these signals with medication, suppression or denial. Unfortunately these responses further mask a deeply unmet need for identification and development of hidden strengths and talents inside and outside of school.

Due in part to early exposure to fast paced media like TV, video and computers, more brilliant children have been born in the last decade than ever before in human history.

This early multimodal brain stimulation initiates rapid learning but can also lead to uncontrolled overload with meaningless information and an inability to distinguish fact from fiction.

Expected Outcomes

Based on our success with thousands of families since 1994, we have developed this program that uses the Genius Profile in a group environment to enhance the identification of brightness, intelligence and talent in a school setting. With confidence, we have been experiencing the following outcomes:

  • Children gain confidence in themselves
  • Children develop trust in the adults who support them
  • Children become more engaged and passionate about learning
  • Teachers feel more empowered
  • Teachers increasingly meet the unique needs of all students
  • Adults and children model positive behavior
  • Disruptive behavior is reduced or even eliminated
  • Parent involvement in the school increases
  • Parent and student appreciation for teachers increases
  • High project visibility inside and outside of school

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