Our WHY, Vision, Mission and Values


In everything we do, we challenge the status quo in public and business education.

We consider the biological genius of the body as the most powerful resource for human development in education, leadership, and coaching.

Therefore, we offer highly innovative coaching programs for bright and sensitive people of any age and environment.

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Our Vision

To empower and guide bright people of any age in schools and companies around the world to discover and apply their unique innate brilliance, so they can collaborate more effectively and lead a meaningful and prosperous life.

Our Mission

To end the suppression of natural intelligence and sensitivity in educational and business environments by providing highly effective and innovative programs for personal and professional development.

Our Core Values

  1. Passion for Reality
  2. Relaxed Intensity
  3. Simplify Complexity
  4. Encourage Interdependence
  5. Celebrate Brilliance