About Us

There is a true genius in everyone; but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will always believe that it is stupid    -Albert Einstein

Why Genius Coaching?

The Romans knew that every baby is born to be brilliant, a natural genius with unique talents written in their DNA. Their culture emphasized this biological reality and created the term “genius”. Brilliance is as unique as every person’s fingerprint. It comes with a playful, yet strong innate desire  to unfold. Einstein reinforced this reality with his famous quote shown above.

It is our mission and passion as Genius Coaches to help children and adults re-discover their unique brilliance and build their lives, careers and businesses, using this personal genius. Imagine the consequences of this process for your family, your team and your company! Instead of spending time and money focused on fixing weaknesses, your total focus and dedication is on developing your unique strengths.

Genius Coaching serves high performers of any age. Our systems and programs for bright people in families, companies and corporations are efficient, focused, fast paced and fun. They are based on the latest research in behavioral science and include the most advanced learning technologies. A strong emphasis on Physical Intelligence™ makes Genius Coaching faster and more profound than all other coaching techniques available in the marketplace today. Today we have more smart children and adults than ever before in human history, thanks to early brain stimulation with TV, video and the internet. Computers are playful and fun toys, even for infants. Genius Coaching is determined to utilize these new learning technologies on a broad scale to stop and reverse the damage of boredom in human brains.

If unique talents and strengths are suppressed or remain undiscovered for years or decades, the body shows warning signals with increasing intensity: Allergies, AD/HD, teenage depression, midlife crisis, dyslexia, anxiety disorder, behavior challenges, autism and countless other indicators. Once the deeper roots for individual genius are discovered and developed, these symptoms frequently disappear over time.

Your biological birthright to be brilliant is strong, stronger than emotions, visions, dreams or intellectual insights. Honor your desire to lead a significant life.