Genius Program for Schools

I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly.                 – Buckminster Fuller

Daily Learning is as Important as Eating and Drinking.

Currently nearly every country improves their education system in search for better solutions that respond to the new needs of parents, students and teachers in the internet generation. Most of them include elements that go beyond common standards and are technology-based. However, in recent years learning differences, boredom and social behavior challenges have been spreading rapidly. Could it be that the ‘human side’ of this new high tech learning process calls for a drastic change?

Happy kids and young adults love to learn if the content has meaning for them. Especially if they like their teacher as a person.

For 30 years, Genius Coaching, LLC has been working on ways to better prepare youth to be educated. We clearly identify individual talents and strengths as a true blueprint for success in life and design education around them.

What if your school could help parents and children to find out what these unique innate talents are? Inside and outside the School System? That is exactly what our Genius Program does: To identify these hidden treasures as a foundation for a successful career and life. It brings a purpose to learning beyond common standards and becomes a joyful activity to satisfy innate curiosity. The increased partnership between teachers, parents and students brings true ownership for learning and growth, so

Everybody Wins!


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Since 2011 we have been partnering with the following schools  in Arizona: