I LOVE Einstein’s wisdom.


More than 90% of all people I talk to don’t want to be a genius. Nor do they want it for their children. Period.


Einstein definitely had a profound personal experience as a genius. So, was he totally wrong or crazy with his quote that there is a true Genius in everyone?

The Romans believed that every baby is born with a guiding spirit. The Latin verb genui means “bring into being, create, produce”. They attributed genius, as a spark of divinity, to individuals, families and even places of inspiration.

During the 18th century the term began to acquire a secondary meaning of inspiration and talent; later on the two meanings merged into one.

In 1900, Alfred Binet discovered the IQ with the intention of helping bright kids cope with the school curriculum. However, the French Army adopted it quickly as a recruiting tool to measure intellectual capabilities. The US military used it for selecting recruits during WWI and updated versions have been the most popular intelligence tests in the US until today. This has strongly connected the meaning of genius with intellectual capabilities and impacted the foundations of education. Until now.

Most recent scientific research suggests that genius is much bigger than just IQ. It is part of our own DNA as individual brilliance, desiring expression in each person’s life. THAT should be the highest value in education today. Standardized education has never focused on individual brilliance. Only Personalized Education provides the opportunity for that.

Are you the parent of a gifted or twice exceptional child? Then you might have felt that very spark of genius in your child, even if (s) he seems to be defiant, resistant, bored or ‘labeled’ ADD, ADHD, OCD or even ASD.

What if all education would strongly focus on bringing out the very best in each child (and adult), at home and in school? In today’s fast-paced world, children need and deserve every advantage – and Personalized Education is the way to get you there.

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