Re-defining Genius

Einstein definitely had a deep understanding and personal experience of being an internationally recognized genius. His profound wisdom has fascinated millions of people around the world for decades. Could it be that brilliance and passion are encoded in everyone’s DNA and most of us just never fully realize it?


Think about it, the biological communication between our 100 Trillion (!) body cells 24/7 is nothing short of genius. The same level of super-intelligence, far beyond our mental knowledge, applies to the nervous system, the immune system and every single organ in our body. Does genius have biological roots? Are parts of our very own DNA responsible for talents, aptitudes and individual preferences that we could develop to a master or even genius level?

If so, would it be worthwhile to explore what exactly that is for each individual and create customized education around it?

It might sound futuristic, but here at Genius Coaching we consider it to be common sense and it is our main motivation for revolutionizing education in families, schools and companies. Especially bright, gifted or twice exceptional children respond quickly to personalized education to bring out their unique best.

Surprisingly, there is no scientific definition of genius, but recently psychologists have converged on a definition that emphasizes creativity and eminent achievement, not intelligence.

meryl streepUntil today, IQ has answered the question “How intelligent are you”? However, we would rather focus on the QUALITY of human intelligence and ask: “How are you intelligent”? Based on our own extensive research since 1994, we see genius in the unlimited biological potential of 100 Trillion cells that make up every person. We are deeply convinced that the DNA of each human being contains information about unique talents, passions and aptitudes that we can develop to the highest level possible.  And ultimately, through personalized education, to the exceptional level of creativity, uniqueness and achievement that is perceived as genius.

Our book “Yes, You are a Genius – Whether you Know it or Not” summarizes our research until 2007 in a very entertaining way and defines 5 criteria to identify early signs of genius in children:

  1. Creativity
  2. Intelligence
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Intensity
  5. Specialty

These criteria have been supporting thousands of open minded parents in bringing out the best in their child. We provide a caring coaching environment for this process and assist parents with special programs like The Parent Coach. You will be better prepared to guide and raise brilliant children who are know to challenge conventional parenting!

In 2010 we created the most comprehensive evaluation system for the ‘inner game’ of human brilliance – The Genius Profile. It goes far beyond IQ testing and provides a solid blueprint for a future career and life in prosperity, happiness and self-expression. (Would you ever want to build your custom home without a blueprint?). Children benefit as much as adults from these profound insights into the hidden treasure of talents they are born with. They always respond with increased self confidence, openness, trust, joy and collaboration and quickly give up boredom, negativity and self doubt.

images (7)The Genius Profile ends the guesswork around strengths, behavior styles, multiple intelligences, motivation, desire and learning preferences. It provides a solid foundation for Personalized Education at home as well as in school, college and at work. At the same time it can shift the focus away from fixing weaknesses or dealing with internet addiction, childhood depression, boredom or passivity into developing innate hidden talents with passion, determination and playfulness (!).

Yes, we strongly believe that children on the Autism Spectrum are brilliant as well; they just hide it better than others. Since 2012 we have been partnering with the Autism Academy of Education and Development to professionally support their parents and teachers.

After more than 200 years, standardized education has reached its limits to provide and control knowledge: Today knowledge is no longer a privilege, but readily available on the Internet. It has become much easier than ever before in human history for every child and adult to claim their birthright and to fully manifest their innate brilliance (=genius).

We are calling on parents and teachers to adopt new roles as Parent Coaches and Teacher Coaches to bring out the best in each child:

Personalized Education in familiesschools and companies is becoming an essential part in the early stages of a global revolution in education.

Did Einstein almost predict this revolution? Here is the complete version of his famous quote:

“There is a true genius in everyone. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will always believe that it is stupid.”

Today we re-define genius as the best possible version of each person who adds value to society with passion, dedication and expertise: Collaboration with other brilliant people accelerates this process exponentially: Genius Loves Company.

Want to measure your own hidden genius potential?