The Power of Transformational Speaking

Over the past decades, famous public speakers like Zig Ziglar and Wayne Dyer have been impacting millions of people with the power of their words. However, with the immense increase of social media and general information overload, the listening habits of most people have changed. New audiences are more impatient than ever and are asking for just sound bites: “Give me the meat, spare me the fluff.”

Experienced listeners don’t want to take time for the art of motivational and inspirational speaking: they want to be impacted immediately and in a profound way that penetrates the noise of information and reaches beyond emotion.






Transformational speaking serves this new need: it will touch not only the mind and heart, but the core of each listener within a few short minutes. Instead of causing a firework of emotions, it initiates a gut level excitement in listeners that calls for action and engagement.

Transformational speaking is an irresistible invitation to act on wisdom on the level of common sense.

The stakes for transformational speaking are high; condensed quality information is presented with authentic passion and deep caring, as well as emotional engagement. Wisdom becomes 3-dimensional in a few short sentences. Pauses underscore the power of the message. Speaking and listening become a whole-body experience with instant access to long-term memory.

How ready are you to learn this powerful new way of reaching highly intelligent people on a gut level?

Instead of convincing or persuading your audience, you become a magnet for their deep desires to act on what they know. Your focus will be on actionable wisdom – going far beyond analyzing new insights:

  • Your time of actual speaking decreases.
  • Time for interaction and engagement increases.
  • You build trust faster and deeper.
  • You spark immediate collaboration and involvement on the level of activism.

High performing leaders and executives love transformational speaking as a powerful way to attract, involve and engage their audience without the need for persuasion or manipulation.







We offer customized coaching programs for this highly dynamic way of public speaking: Just bring a topic you deeply care about and turn it into an irresistible experience for one person or hundreds of people.

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