Out Of The Box

Out of the box and into your genius

-How to infuse creativity and innovation into your team-


This program provides an interactive learning experience for expanding the way you think and take action.  Thinking out of the box is no longer good enough without any action to follow. Participants will benefit from experiencing a personal paradigm shift, get in touch with their own dynamic spark of genius and learn highly innovative tools to overcome internal barriers. A significant boost in creativity and personal motivation are guaranteed; this includes more effective team collaboration and higher personal and team productivity.


1 Day


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Significantly improve creative thinking and follow-though
  • Get a practical perspective on innovation and change
  • Identify existing limits to thinking and acting “Out of the Box”
  • Set boundaries and prevent conflicts
  • Develop more leadership in their area of expertise
  • Perform out of the box and contribute to their team
  • Turn complaints into productive conversations
  • Change work habits that no longer serve them


  • More effectiveness in daily routines and team situations
  • Increased ability to find creative solutions for business challenges
  • Recognition and priority of innovation and creative change
  • Support team members to interact more effectively
  • Increased collaboration and accountability in daily work life 

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  • Why thinking out of the box is not sufficient anymore
  • The biological roots of habits and change
  • Physiological requirements for creative thinking

The “Energy Cross” Experience

  • What does it take to blow your mind?
  • Leaving outdated paradigms behind
  • Challenge for the mind, ease for the body
  • Levels and qualities of intelligence

The Road Blocks

  • How can you identify and overcome existing limits?
  • The power of specific language
  • Experience practical and powerful tool to go beyond these limits
  • Apply these tools to similar challenges in your daily performance

The Bigger Picture: Stay Out Of The Box

  • How can you expand your ‘Out of the Box’ capacity?
  • Using specific exercises, based on the latest scientific research
  • Applying new language in your daily work environment
  • Learn how to increase effectiveness individually and in your team

‘Out Of The Box’ Leadership

  • Practical leadership conversations based on coaching tools
  • The simplicity of leadership
  • The framework for immediate implementation

Implementation Toolbox

  • Practice innovative exercises to support common sense in your daily work environment
  • Utilize innovative leadership techniques for increased performance
  • Apply creativity tools to organize ideas and enhance team communication
  • Implement ongoing team support to stay out of the box in daily interactions