Hero Stories

A TTI Employees Road To Full Engagement At Work

by Cassandra Nelson

How One VAA Steered Her in the Right Career Direction

Last Wednesday was an exciting day for me. I was asked to speak at the ICF meeting, the topic being “Stop selling – help your people buy,” presented by Otto Siegel, a longtime Value Added Associate with TTI Success Insights. He asked me to present about being a coach in the field and my success story leading me to my dream job at TTI Success Insights!

It was my first opportunity to represent TTI. Last year I started a coaching program (Genius Coaching) with one of our very own VAAs, Otto Siegel, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

He was the first to use the TTI DISC assessment with me and noticed a significant difference in one of my behavioral styles (C). I was under great workplace stress. I was adapting my C from a 38 Natural to a 66 Adapted. This is about a 30-point difference and TTI recognizes more than a 10-point adaptation means stress is present.

Otto asked me if I was stressed at work. I replied, “everyone is stressed at work.” He said, “you are significantly stressed” and his point resonated with me. I saw how revealing and relevant the assessment results were for me.

Cassandra And Otto

As I went through his program, I knew coaching was my future career. He later told me that TTI was looking to hire a solutions consultant. After getting online and researching the company, I knew this was where I wanted to work and retire. I have never felt that way about any company before in the past! The power of job bench-marking is evident. My behavioral style and drivers are now inline with my position at work, and I couldn’t be more engaged.

So, fast-forward to this week, I came to ICF to speak about how influential Otto Siegel’s coaching program has been for me and how he led me to my dream job! I have the privilege to work with our VAAs every day and help them reach creative solutions in the marketplace of coaching, consulting and recruiting by using job bench-marking. Our tools are accurate, reliable and competitive in the marketplace.

Thank you for all you do Otto, and VAAs just like you. Keep changing lives for the better. Live out your passions so the rest of us can find ours!


I decided to take the Power of Assessments training because it was an opportunity to explore six different assessment tools but more than that, it was a chance to learn firsthand from Otto.  I greatly appreciated Otto’s perspective as a master coach and his ability to present the results in a way that’s easy to comprehend and integrate.  Even revisiting the assessments with which I was familiar yielded new insights as did being introduced to the Genius Profile tools™.  I found it equally helpful to examine my own assessment profiles with Otto as well as discuss various ways to utilize the tools with clients, both individuals and organizations.  There was “real time” application, too, in that our coaching conversations added directly to a current branding project I’m working on for my coaching business.  A tremendous value and thank you, Otto! – Ginny

Hi, Otto. I met with Jacquie last night and not only was I proud of myself, but you too would have been proud.  I studied what we went over in terms of what I would say to her, and I used the mantra you gave me to use before every coaching session. When I began talking to her, I felt like a different person.  I was grounded, had no fear, felt very solid, and in charge.  There were more than several times I had to stop her from interrupting.  I put my hands up and said, “Let me finish.”  She immediately backed off and said “OK.” I even said ” You are not invited to the meeting on the 27th”. She said ” That’s fine. I was just asking”.

I now see that it is very important to be straight with people . I am not responsible for how they interpret the message, but I am responsible for delivering a clear message . WOW, this felt soooo good and what an incredible lesson I learned. By the way, when I spoke to Jacquie, I didn’t even use notes! Thank you for your help and guidance, Otto. I feel I am truly on my way to an unbelievable 4th career!
Best Always, Joanne
Otto is more than just a coach for me. He is the person that I was looking for, for decades and all over the world! Looking back, I can reflect on my life before and my life after meeting Otto. In my previous life, I was in a box. I sacrificed so much time and effort, but there was no satisfaction with life and no passion.  But now, I feel that I’m on the right track towards Genius, creativity, and real freedom. My life has more meaning, and I feel passion for what I do every day! I feel like my mission is to make people happy through Genius Coaching, and I have a strong desire to develop this internationally!

Otto is worthy of being world famous because of several reasons: first, he is very unique, charismatic, and selfless. He has an interesting, personal life story and style of coaching. Second, Genius Coaching touches your core sooooo deeply that you will break all the stumbling blocks as you pursue a truly Genius Life. Third, Genius Coaching is simple and internationally applied! Otto is the real “Big Purple Cow” in the Coaching World!!!

Go ahead, Otto!!! I am proud to be on your Genius Team!!! -Oleg, Perspektiva Group Ltd., Mogilev, Belarus.