Your scale can be very misleading

There is a multi-milion dollar confusion promoted in the media every day and discussed abong millions of (mostly) women with the same intensity: Losing weight.

While most of us might associate this term with getting rid of excessive fat, mostly around the waist line and legs, for the body – biologically – losing weight can mean completely different things: dehydration, decreasing lean muscle mass, shrinking of vital organs or a combination of everything.
Your brain LOVES clear and concise information, so let’s have a closer look: Obviously obesity is extremely widespread in the US and has been increasing especially with children over the past decade. How does it actually work on a cellular level?
Processed food and preservatives to increase shelf life play a major role: These chemical substances are completely foreign to the body and cannot be identified as nutrient by our very own cells. Most of them cannot be dissolved in water, only in fat. Therefore the body cannot simply flush them out through the kidneys; it MUST produce extra fat cells to store these substances and prevent toxicity in body cells that would slow down or even shut down the cellular metabolism. What a physically intelligent mechanism, if you think about it!
So if you would force your body with any diet to eliminate these fat cells, it would build them right back up after the program is over to prevent self-intoxication. So it is NOT about weight loss, but rather about recovering from a metabolic disorder called obesity that impacts every single organ of your body. With THIS clear focus in mind you understand why ongoing detoxification is a MUST and why you cannot expect quick results: only then shedding extra pounds of unnecessary fat storage cells will be a natural consequence of the real biological need: Embracing a healthier lifestyle 24/7.
Does the mindset need to change FIRST, before the complex biochemical shift can happen? Most likely…! After all – your body is a biological miracle and your body IS YOU.


Your New Way to manage Information Overload

“Too much information and most of it is absolutely useless!” I am sure that this is not the first time you heard this comment and most likely you felt this way yourself many times. The access to information and knowledge used to be very controlled in past decades, but the internet expansion definitely broke this limitation for good.

Now we are swimming in an ocean of ever changing updates and (fake) news, combined with valuable nuggets that are meaningful to you in a specific situation. How do we find those?

I am in the middle of reading a fascinating book along those lines: “First Intelligence – Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition” by Simone Wright. For 7 years she used to teach police detectives how to use their intuition much more effectively in complex crime investigations. Now she is a widely recognized expert and speaker on intuitive intelligence.

Intuition cuts through the ocean of details and connects important facts at a rapid pace, IF you feel relaxed and have a clear intention. What looks like a miracle is a natural capability of the human body: A gut feeling for priorities, an inkling by noticing a few details, a flash of insight out of the blue. Mental analysis and over-thinking interrupts this flow immediately and takes us on a big detour in fact finding.

Pearls of wisdom are frequent results of this process and they just make common sense, even if we don’t understand most of the time WHY we came to this conclusion. Wisdom just resonates with us in our core, especially when it comes from a child.

Does it feel like ‘genius in action’ to you, or a ‘genius moment’?

What is YOUR example for a happening like that?

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Unique Brilliance is Written on Your DNA – so what?

Vicky* has been working as a help desk support in several companies. every 2-3 years she has been laid off, mostly due to hidden conflicts with colleagues or her manager. Over the years she has been acquiring several IT certificates to stay professionally up to speed. Vicky* is very intelligent, sensitive and connects with interesting people very easily. However, she also battles emotional darkness, sometimes for extended periods of time.

About a year ago I had a conversation with her about intuition and noticed an immediate energy shift: Her eyes opened wider, her face lightened up and she began to tell me about her grandma in Guatemala: She was a healer (curandeira) and knew the healing powers of almost every native plant in that area. Intuition was very familiar and normal to her, it was the main source for her healing power.

Vicky* became her most curious student at age 5! She lived more with grandma than with her own parents. Everything she experienced was food for her soul and she learned from her with a burning desire.

However, soon the clouds moved in: Vicky* moved to the US and lost touch with her exceptional talent and passion: She became interested in IT to make a living and settled for a ‘normal life’. She still has most of her amazing knowledge about healing with plant tinctures and her intuition kicks in immediately when someone approaches her with a health challenge.

What if she could create an environment where her natural brilliance could further expand into professionalism and her passion would turn into speaking engagements to touch thousands of people?

I want that for her to happen so the dark emotional clouds can move out of her life! What if Vicky* could create a profession that fills her heart AND her bank account?

Innate unique brilliance deserves and requires full expression in life; otherwise the body, mind and soul send warning signals….

*not her real name

Otto Siegel

Speaker, Author, Genius Coach


Fresh Perspective on Raising a Genius Child

About six years ago Sharon’s* mom was determined not to have a second child. So she took a high quality contraceptive product on a regular basis. But much to her surprise she was pregnant anyway after a few short months. Three months into her pregnancy her cervix dilated; so she had to drastically interrupt her busy lifestyle and basically rest for 6 months. What a great opportunity for a baby to develop almost free from stress!

Around age 2 the shock happened: Sharon* had a brain tumor on the back side that required a risky intervention. Afterwards the surgeon admitted that he might have damaged the speech center and that Sharon* might never be able to utter a single word. This was true for exactly 2 months. But then she started to talk non-stop, developed insatiable curiosity and taught herself to read. Today at age 5 she loves to talk to adults, has a mind blowing vocabulary and deeply feels people and animals. She reads on a 4th grad level – at least.

You see, genius always comes with intensity. For Sharon* this intensity was combined with a strong will to live – against all odds. She is a person that most likely will make a difference for a lot of people and has a strong purpose to lead a significant life. It is in her blood!

Her mother is very supportive and admits that she has been learning from Sharon* about this kind of determination and intensity with a deep love and passion. She completely embraces the responsibility and challenge to educate her. She had only one question right now:”How do I find a school for her?”

Intensity can be a challenge for parents (and managers) and is easily mis-guided into violence and destruction or simply suppressed (with disastrous consequences). However, healthy intensity is indispensable for everyone who desires to accomplish something significant.

How important is healthy intensity to you?

*Not her real name.

Your liver might have an intelligence of its own!

My liver is extremely valuable to me. Biologically. However, until recently, I took her/its(?) biochemical miracles more or less for granted and never felt anything special about this amazing and essential organ. For some people it might take pain or a severe health challenge to wake up to a biological gratitude; for me it was Jon Barron’s full body detox program.

After completing this thorough and sophisticated program I felt a profound ease and joy in my body, almost as if my liver wanted to tell me “thank you for making my job easier”.During a body meditation I made it a point to thank my liver specifically for the amazing biochemical miracles that occur in its cells: Creating all the amino acids for every single protein in the body, detoxing all the chemicals that might come in with food and breathing, building substances to prevent blood clotting, producing bile to emulsify fats, storing glycogen and vitamins or removing bacteria from the blood and many other functions.

And then it dawned on me: MAYBE my liver enjoys to work for me as a part of my entire organism. It enjoys the constant communication with all the other organs and it’s irreplaceable status in this miraculous synergy. MAYBE the same is true for every organ in my body and it is my job to keep them healthy, alive and vibrant through intelligent lifestyle choices.

And yes, there are emotions directly related to organ health. The liver is highly sensitive to anger. Here is where I had to deeply apologize to my liver: I had  a genetic pre-disposition to anger and have been plagued by internal and external anger for decades of my life: “Thank you, LIVER for being so patient with me all these years. You are definitely physically intelligent and I am deeply grateful that you never responded back to me with liver infection, inflammation or worse!”

What is your liver telling you today?

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What made the ballet show Topia so unusual and touching?

The outdoor setting in the Desert Botanical Garden was just one powerful ingredient for a multi-sensory experience last weekend: 25 dancers in a very unique choreography brought Beethoven’s symphony #6 to life in a new dimension: Movement.

The performance had a touch of genius all along – a magic visual experience that touched my soul with beauty and inspiration. The psychogeography of the open ceiling a large stage without the limitation of a theater building gave a feeling of exhilaration and expansion by including the nature around with surprising light effects.

It is this kind of brilliance that resonates with our desire for personal brilliance in our areas of specialty where we can shine as individuals. It can be unspoken, translated in high level body language that is perceived automatically by every human being that likes ballet or dance.

Inspiration will always be a personal experience, rather a feeling of abundant beauty than a thought.

What is your inspiration right now?

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How ‘Gifted’ and ‘Happy’ can be Connected

How ‘Gifted’ and ‘Happy’ can be Connected
I felt deeply touched when I watched the heart-warming and unusual movie “Gifted”yesterday. Did you have a chance to see it already?

It validated and reinforced my passion to create emotional health for bright and brilliant children, young adults and adults in families and companies. Isolated intelligence might be limited to academic ivory towers but not really add value to society at large. Brilliant knowledge, endless creativity, profound imagination and a deeply caring heart need to be closely connected for a truly successful person in any age.

Personalized education can be just another buzz word or a fundamental need that progressive parents, teachers and company leaders are claiming increasingly. Congratulations, if this resonates with you: You have my full support and encouragement!

I feel a deep vision and passion to encourage EVERY brilliant person in any age group

  • To find out specifically what their innate personal brilliance really is,
  • To create a career or business that is based on their unique abilities and passion,
  • To thrive in a profession that fills their heart AND their bank account,
  • To be mentally, emotionally, financially and physically healthy,
  • To build a future that is brighter than the past (and present).

Take a few minutes to watch the trailer and let it impact you.

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Worried about your bright child’s future?

Does your bright child drive you up the wall sometimes?

Does your bright High School or College student have clear plans for the future?

What is the current level of his/her confidence?

Does he/she feel bored, withdrawn, distracted or anxious?

How would you like to answer these life challenges
without the need for therapy or medication?

 We are able to connect and build trust with bright and unique children that parents, teachers, and counselors could not reach.

Since 2002 more than 95% of Genius Coaching graduates turned their lives around: They found purpose and meaning in their lives, they drastically improved their grades, they enjoyed more close friends. Most importantly, they showed courage, confidence and passion to create their own future.


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PS: The time between school years might be perfect to to build confidence and trust with fresh answers to essential questions.


Build Your Future Bigger Than Your Past

Does that sound like a perfect way to prevent aging at any age?

Young people might simply be afraid of the future or not feel empowered enough to actually create the future they desire. People well into the second half of their first century on this planet simply might give it less and less thought, living in past memories as a replacement strategy or coping mechanism..

However, there is strengths and fascination in a brighter future – independent of the number of years after a person’s name: A strong conviction to be a creator on a daily basis. For everything and anything that happens. It comes with freedom, responsibility, endless curiosity, a burning desire to create something that matters and to connect with like-minded passionate people around the world!

It includes a deep and solid inner knowing of your unique abilities that want to manifest in new and endless variations.

We call it ‘genius’ – the biological and innate combination of unique abilities as a foundation for a brilliant life. It is worth every effort and investment to decode and manifest it.

To do exactly that is our unique specialty at Genius Coaching – for individuals or company teams : The results serve as a realistic blueprint for your future that will inevitably be brighter and bigger than your past.

Ready for this joyful transformation?

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A Daily Habit that Stops Brilliance

A Daily Habit that Stops Brilliance
Josh* is always very polite and friendly in conversations. He enjoys his customer service role in a retail store but complained to me last week: “Nobody in my family really understands me.”

You see, is his professional environment he interacts very successfully with new and fluctuating customers on a superficial level. However, his friends and family members require more authenticity and depth of communication to feel valued and trusted. His empathy for and sensitivity to others gives him a powerful tool – to tell people what they want to hear.

Within a few years of practicing this skill his personality had changed: He became more withdrawn and isolated; for a while it looked like that he became a people pleaser.

What happened in his brain physiology? Pretending to be someone Josh* was NOT caused deep self doubts and second-guessing. Individual brilliance is always authentic: Superficial conversations seemed to be his way of social interactions; however, his body had the biological need to show and develop his unique brilliance on a deeper level.

Oscar Wilde said it well: “Just be yourself, everyone else is taken already.”

Otto Siegel

Speaker, Author, Genius Coach

*Not his/her real name



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