Did you ever get a Personal Invitation from a Humanoid Robot?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely a manifestation of human genius – at the cutting edge of of current technology, combined with brilliant creativity and imagination.


Sophia is a Humanoid, created at Hanson Robotics in Hongkong. Her creators will present her in a real human dialog during the upcoming RAAD Festival in San Diego to demonstrate the high level of sophistication in AI.


Here is more about her in her own words:
Sophia represents the high standards of presenters from anti-aging research, highly progressive entrepreneurs and vendors from Europe, Australia and US who offer  innovative products and bio-marker tests at the RAAD Festival  in San Diego from 9/18-21. Next week!

Human Genius in action? YES!

What an exciting opportunity to be part of a global advancement for a significant upgrade in quality and quantity of human life and to meet thought leaders, celebrities like Suzanne Somers or Ray Kurzweil and 900+ life extension enthusiasts from 21 different countries!

It is not too late to spontaneously clear your schedule and register for this life-changing event!

Visit Genius Coaching in booth #612 and learn more about our highly innovative
Longevity Coaching program – a progressive attitude and open mind are definitely required to experience the personal benefits from these rapid advancements.

Throughout human history, genius ALWAYS has been on the forefront of innovation, creativity, progress and breakthrough. Many of them were alone with their insights. Now, geniuses gather to inspire each other and accelerate progress in several areas of human life that are relevant for everyone.

BTW RAAD stands for Revolution Against Aging and Death…!

A Cry for Help from my Body

My parents were really concerned when they found out that I bit my nails down to a minimum around age 5 and caused even some local bleeding. I remember that it was painful to do that to myself and how much I tried to hide it; but somehow I ‘couldn’t help myself’.

It got worse, so my mom took me to the doctor; he assumed that there might be a lack of Calcium, prescribed a supplement and asked me to drink more fresh raw milk. However, the nail biting habit continued.

One night I woke up with a nightmare and a loud scream “I HATE DEATH!!!” My older sister came running into my room and held me as I was sobbing. I told her how much I missed my grandma who died the very same year; she had given me so much warmth, always told me the best stories and taught me how to play cards.

I just felt that her death was WRONG and extremely destructive – for her and everyone who loved her.

The next day my nail biting habit stopped.

Could it be that this self-destructive habit alerted me to the deeper destruction I felt around her death?

Our bodies are extremely intelligent – physically!

How do you like the magic of numbers?

Numbers are the universal language in the world of quantities. Large numbers might have a unique fascination when it comes to money, time or space. However, there is someting special about 100 Trillion:

  • It is truly mind blowing – Nobody can imagine how much that is (the imagination of skilled mathematicians might reach up to 2-3 billion)
  • 100 Trillion is the approximate number of stars in the visible universe.
  • 100 Trillion in the number of cells in your body.

Do we literally live in 2 universes – the outside one that gives us a lot to be in awe of,  and the inside one that is sitting on our chair and is most frequently simply ignored or overlooked?

Let’s stay with the biological one for right now – the unbelievable amount of human cells that constantly communicate through nerve cells, chemical messengers and hormones, forming specialized organs and collaborating in the most sophisticated way possible.

At Genius Coaching, we call this unlimited biological miracle “Physical Intelligence” or “Body Wisdom”. Parents adore it in their new-born baby. However, most people seem to lose sight of it as they grow up.

Most recently, the number 100 Trillion and the biological consequences involved attracted scientists and creative thinkers to confirm and validate some facts that have been the foundation of Genius Coaching for more than a decade:

  • The intelligence of our body cells is the root cause for mental or intuitive intelligence: Without the highly complex biochemical concert in every cell, our senses and nervous system would not be able to think and feel.
  • Learning, education and personal development will be much more successful and efficient when the biological foundation comes first: Healthy food, clean water, lots of joyful movement, healthy emotional relationships.

How does all this apply to you right now?

And, YES, there is a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE as well – the collaboration of hundreds or thousands of people with 100 Trillion cells each, called SWARM Intelligence:


Physical Intelligence of the Circulatory System

Did you know that 11.5% of your Circulatory System are arteries and 14.5% are veins? What about the rest? Get this: 74% are micro-vessels that range between 1/7th and 1/10th of a human hair in diameter and add up to 70,000+ miles in total length!

They deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell of your body and bring cellular waste and toxins to your kidneys and colon.

We think immediately about clogged arteries when we hear about a stroke or hart attack; in reality thousands of micro-capillaries might be clogged and cause a catastrophic event like that. Healthy and open blood flow in all capillaries might be crucial for mental alertness, sharp memory, regular heartbeat, coordination in the digestive system – practically for every organ function in our bodies.

Do you see biological genius in action?

Even more so when we understand how anxiety and fear narrows down our capillaries: The blood flows faster and oxygen cannot be delivered to cells in a sufficient manner. Therefore stress escalates on a cellular level and the brain might respond with ‘brain panic’.

Suggested daily practice: Breath deeply in an environment with fresh air and visualize how the capillaries open and make it easy for blood cells to flow and deliver Oxygen.


How do you feel as an Outlier?

Almost 10 years ago Malcolm Gladwell published his national bestseller “Outliers – The Story of Success”. Initially he searched for a connection between IQ and success in life and career. However, he found staggering evidence that such a correlation simply does not exist. But here was – and is – the profound result that made him famous: Highly successful people in the US and abroad most frequently stand out with their unique brilliance and creativity! They simply don’t fit any norm, live part of their lives as rebels or face a lot of resistance from their peers who live ‘inside the bell curve.”

Outliers can be ‘highly intelligent misfits’ with unique perspectives, strong opinions and deep caring for others. They can add significant value as innovators if they find strong emotional support and encouragement to be as unique as possible.Here is the risk: If they never experience their own unique value and cannot find people who believe in them, they might turn easily into outsiders, close down emotionally and withdraw from friends and family members who actually care about them.

Harry* recognized number patterns at age 5. He was a straight A student up to his Senior High School year, but almost over night he lost interest in school, became severely depressed and did not want to leave the house. When we evaluated his Genius Intelligences as part of his Genius Profile it showed “Logical-Mathematical” towering above all the other qualities of intelligence. With specific tutoring and strong emotional support Harry* could turn his mental challenge around and became a highly successful software engineer.

* = not his real name

What is YOUR unique brilliance?

How much do you enjoy it?

How strongly do you apply it every day?


Join the Body Meditation Revolution

“I know that meditating would be very beneficial for me, but I simply don’t have the time to sit down for an hour and do nothing” commented Marcia* last week. As a successful business owner, she is definitely not alone with this feeling. So she was very relieved to learn that there is a genius way to relax within a few minutes by experiencing a body meditation.

Find a space where you are not going to be distracted and ask a friend to slowly read to you the following text:

  • Sit comfortably in your chair with your legs uncrossed.
  • Interlace your fingers and let your hands rest on your lap.
  • Take a deep breath and close your eyes.
  • You might feel how your 2 hands are connected, how the fingers of your left hand touch your right hand and how the fingers of your right hand touch your left hand.
  • Now start feeling your liver – on the right side just below your rib cage.
  • You can feel the miracle of your liver in 500 different functions and key to your metabolism.
  • Nothing could be digested without the guidance of your liver.
  • As you keep breathing, you feel how your diaphragm touches and massages your liver.
  • You might see pictures in your mind’s eye that relate to these body sensations.
  • Or you might notice some pressure or tingling associated.
  • Just pay attention and enjoy while your feel your hands connected.
  • (Pause)
  • Then you might take a deep breath – inhale slowly and all the way, then exhale.
  • Repeat this 3 times
  • Then slowly open  your eyes again.
How was that?


You see – instead of using a mantra like traditional meditation does to distract the mind, we guide your mind to focus directly on a specific organ of your own body. This specific acknowledgement of a biological miracle causes immediate relaxation. FINALLY a specific organ of your body receives attention and acknowledgement for the daily miracle work it does 24/7.


Revolutionary simple? Please don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself and let us know!

The Power of Graphic Recording

My friend Taryl Hansen expresses her unique brilliance in a very special way: She captures the essence of any presentation, training session or keynote speech on a 5×3′ flip-chart panel by arranging and connecting the key elements in a way that significantly increases the depth and quality of remembering as well as sparking new discussions.

For the first time we partnered last Thursday during my presentation for parents of gifted children at the Scottsdale School District. Topic: “Bright and Bored – Now What? A fresh Perspective on Anxiety and Violence”.

After more than an hour of live interaction with a curious and engaged audience I was deeply impressed with her summary:


Behavioral research tells us that we process pictures 60.000 times faster than words. I definitely experienced the power of this result in action. Many parents took pictures at the end and commented: ” This is the best summary I can take home tonight!”.

Thank you, Taryl!


Hidden Genius Information in Food

Remember my last genius tip about the power of mindset around food ? Thank you for all your responses and comments!

Let’s continue with a quick self-test: What are your thoughts and feelings while you eat?

Quality food in small portions makes me feel good. I take my time to eat and chew, enjoy the textures and flavors and eat 5-6 times a day to send my body constant signals: “I find the best healthy food for you so you can do your complex biochemical tasks in every cell and organ. I care about your/my health. Quality food is medicine for me. Great food replenishes my energy and is easy to digest. Quality food prevents sickness and degenerative diseases. The next meal/snack is coming in 2-3 hours.”

I used to suffer from hectic eating, sometimes in the car or quickly before my next appointment or while responding to emails. It took a while to interrupt these habits and replace them with better ones, but I found my nervous system to respond first: Less brain panic, more relaxed intensity, focus and efficiency!

It is not just the high amount of sugar in cookies or aspartame in Diet sodas that drives the brain crazy – it is also the mentality about low quality of food and neglecting the basic requirements of a highly intelligent brain and body: Quality over quantity.

On a cellular level food particles are also perceived as information: Fresh and non-processed food is easily recognized by our own cell membranes as digestible, chemicals are identified as foreign invaders that have to be removed by the immune system.

AND – most healthy people LOVE variety in food. I am sick and tired of “the right or wrong way of eating”. Therefore I am a FLEXITARIAN – plant-based, paleo recipes, great steaks, fish, delicious salads and vegetables, fruits, nuts and cheese – the choices are endless and the joy of selecting, preparing and eating it goes right along with it.

These two recently published books cut through the food confusion and have been inspiring me deeply: 

Yes, there is one ‘Diet’ I follow religiously: The Seefood diet – I see food and eat it!


Your scale can be very misleading

There is a multi-milion dollar confusion promoted in the media every day and discussed abong millions of (mostly) women with the same intensity: Losing weight.

While most of us might associate this term with getting rid of excessive fat, mostly around the waist line and legs, for the body – biologically – losing weight can mean completely different things: dehydration, decreasing lean muscle mass, shrinking of vital organs or a combination of everything.
Your brain LOVES clear and concise information, so let’s have a closer look: Obviously obesity is extremely widespread in the US and has been increasing especially with children over the past decade. How does it actually work on a cellular level?
Processed food and preservatives to increase shelf life play a major role: These chemical substances are completely foreign to the body and cannot be identified as nutrient by our very own cells. Most of them cannot be dissolved in water, only in fat. Therefore the body cannot simply flush them out through the kidneys; it MUST produce extra fat cells to store these substances and prevent toxicity in body cells that would slow down or even shut down the cellular metabolism. What a physically intelligent mechanism, if you think about it!
So if you would force your body with any diet to eliminate these fat cells, it would build them right back up after the program is over to prevent self-intoxication. So it is NOT about weight loss, but rather about recovering from a metabolic disorder called obesity that impacts every single organ of your body. With THIS clear focus in mind you understand why ongoing detoxification is a MUST and why you cannot expect quick results: only then shedding extra pounds of unnecessary fat storage cells will be a natural consequence of the real biological need: Embracing a healthier lifestyle 24/7.
Does the mindset need to change FIRST, before the complex biochemical shift can happen? Most likely…! After all – your body is a biological miracle and your body IS YOU.


Your New Way to manage Information Overload

“Too much information and most of it is absolutely useless!” I am sure that this is not the first time you heard this comment and most likely you felt this way yourself many times. The access to information and knowledge used to be very controlled in past decades, but the internet expansion definitely broke this limitation for good.

Now we are swimming in an ocean of ever changing updates and (fake) news, combined with valuable nuggets that are meaningful to you in a specific situation. How do we find those?

I am in the middle of reading a fascinating book along those lines: “First Intelligence – Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition” by Simone Wright. For 7 years she used to teach police detectives how to use their intuition much more effectively in complex crime investigations. Now she is a widely recognized expert and speaker on intuitive intelligence.

Intuition cuts through the ocean of details and connects important facts at a rapid pace, IF you feel relaxed and have a clear intention. What looks like a miracle is a natural capability of the human body: A gut feeling for priorities, an inkling by noticing a few details, a flash of insight out of the blue. Mental analysis and over-thinking interrupts this flow immediately and takes us on a big detour in fact finding.

Pearls of wisdom are frequent results of this process and they just make common sense, even if we don’t understand most of the time WHY we came to this conclusion. Wisdom just resonates with us in our core, especially when it comes from a child.

Does it feel like ‘genius in action’ to you, or a ‘genius moment’?

What is YOUR example for a happening like that?

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