The Genius Performance Program – Vertical Collaboration

Ignite your team to greatness!

Until now, traditional leadership development programs have been offered only to managers and supervisors. The valuable insights rarely trickle down to all members of the leaders’ teams.

How can regular employees benefit from leadership development if they are not even included?

Set your team on fire with the innovative Genius Performance Program’s Vertical Collaboration.

This radically new quality of career development and performance management will be a very effective leadership tool for your organization.

You will experience:

  • Faster actions on decisions due to increased buy-in
  • More focused and effective team discussions
  • Mutual support for team projects
  • More clarity around delegation and accountability

The Genius Performance Program’s Vertical Collaboration ends the manager/employee separation and introduces practical collaboration between managers and their direct reports, especially around career development and performance management.

In this new vertical approach, managers and their team members acquire efficient, behavior-based communication tools that keep meetings short and focused in a way that every participant stays involved.

Unlock the genius in every team member!

Everyone’s unique, individual strengths will serve as a foundation for professional development, career advancement and performance improvement.  However, it takes a team approach to implement these well-researched insights, and organizational readiness to break traditional hierarchies.

Is your team ready to stand out?

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Gather your team – all organizational levels – and in just four short hours with The Genius Performance Program, the entire team will be able to:

  • Increase their engagement in their teams
  • Improve their interest in career development and personal growth
  • Create more cohesiveness in their teams across hierarchies
  • Feel a deeper sense of value for themselves and the organization
  • Focus on developing their strengths and delegating their weaknesses
  • Experience career development as an individual benefit

Are you ready to power up your team’s genius and performance? Contact us today!