Genius Parent Round-Table

  • Does your bright child sometimes drive you up the wall?
  • Does your child love you deeply but challenges your parenting style?
  • Do you feel concerned about some of your child’s behavior traits?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you are losing connection with your child?

If these are just a few on the long list of questions that go through your mind, we would like to welcome you to this new forum where you will find inspiration and practical answers from parents in similar situations. Reading books and articles about the creative challenge to raise bright children might not be enough: Contemporary parenting requires an entirely different mindset, emotional strength and intuition combined with deep caring.

Use your Monday lunch break to dial in for this BI-WEEKLY Genius Parent Round-table! Here is what you can expect from this 60 minute interactive event:

  • One parent presents his/her situation for 10 minutes
  • Participants are invited to give input and share resources
  • Otto Siegel will add specific comments and connect the situation with the topic of the day
  • Topics for future Genius Parent Round-tables will be suggested

Here are the topics for the first 5 weeks:



1. Bright and bored – now what?

2. Video Games – blessing or curse for your bright child?

3. How to respond to temper tantrums successfully.

4. The impact of self-directed play time.

5. Behavior challenges as a cry for help.

Your experience as a parent is valuable – with all the emotional and behavioral challenges you might face. Connecting with other passionate parents on a regular basis will give you:

• peace of mind,
• increase your confidence,
• inspire you to try new things.

Contact us to learn more about the start of the next program.