Strategic Parenting to Minimize Anxiety

How to Guide your Bright and Sensitive Child Through Behavior Challenges and Distractions

Fear and anxiety have been spreading rapidly over the last years, especially among brilliant children. How is this alarming increase related to fast paced digital distractions? How can you as a parent understand the deeper roots of this connection and guide your child even more successfully?

This event opens our new monthly series Strategic Parenting to promote and encourage innovative practical solutions for daily behavior-based challenges. Information is not enough! 

UNUSUAL FORMAT: For maximum efficiency, you are invited to participate in ONE live parent meeting (3 hours), ONE online meeting (1 hour) and ONE individual 20-minute consulting session each month.

Experience powerful science-based Strategic Parenting Tools like Behavior Modeling or the Power of Play – Actions speak LOUDER than Words

Join us to

  • Learn more about the biological impact of anxiety on the brain
  • Translate these new insights into practical daily action
  • Experience the power of behavior modeling
  • Share your own family experience with other parents
  • Initiate new conversations about the biological impact of distractions
  • Implement behavior-based solutions by using “the other side of fear”

Comments from past Parent Programs:

“Thanks for always taking such a personal interest in people”

“More, please! A second session would be great!”

 “It went above and beyond my expectations.”

 “Can’t wait to talk more about this stuff!”

When: Saturday 11/10/2018 from 1-4 pm

Where: Hampton Inn & Suites

16620 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Monthly Fee: $388  $188

Click HERE to register. 

The program is limited to 25 parents to ensure joyful interactive learning.

Upcoming Monthly Topics for 2019:

  • Strategic Parenting to Prevent Bullying for your Bright Child
  • Strategic Parenting and the Hidden Message of Anxiety
  • Strategic Parenting to Break Social Isolation
  • Strategic Parenting to Revitalize Family Communication
  • Strategic Parenting and the Power of Play for Learning and Social Health



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