Genius Challenge Survey

Please rate the following statements on a scale from 1-5
(1 = “not at all” and 5 = “absolutely”)

1. I've got so many ideas but don't know what to do first.
2. I am frequently bored with myself and others.
3. I’ve got plenty of IQ but I can’t seem to focus it consistently.
4. I have too many projects floating around and nothing gets done.
5. I’m getting burned out in my creative process.
6. My attention span is very short, I am not sure if I suffer from ADD/ADHD.
7. My agenda is in constant overload.
8. I am in the wrong playing field and don’t know where to go.
9. My self-care is way behind and I am ready to do something about it.
10. No one really understands me.
11. My best achievements are yet to come.
12. I simply don’t fit.
13. I have a hard time finding friends I feel close with.
14. I don't find many people who can keep up with me.
15. I am not recognized for who I really am.
16. I am too much for most people.
17. My talent doesn't fit into a normal job description.
18. I am not sure what I am REALLY good at.
19. I cannot figure out how to make money with my exceptional talents.
20. I shut down 80% of who I am to make it through the day.
21. I have a strong desire to find out what my personal genius really is.
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