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Letter from the Owner and Founder of Genius Coaching

Dear Visitor,

Are you ready for an amazing experience of self discovery? Thank you for embarking on this rewarding journey!

Your personal genius has been encoded as biological potential into your very own DNA and most of it has lain dormant for decades. According to a Gallup survey in 2007, even the most successful people use only 10-30% of this innate power. Are you ready to go beyond these limits?


Each genius assessment gives you insights into your personal brilliance from a different angle. We developed them specifically for bright and sensitive people who love specific results and don’t need a lot of explanations. Genius assessments complement each other and encourage you to find out how you specifically add enormous value to people around you. The statements you will rate in each assessment are based on behavioral research, not psychology, and more than 12,000 hours of genius coaching experience in educational and company environments. They reflect how your closest friends see you and might significantly expand the way you see yourself.

“Just be YOU, everyone else is taken already” stated Oscar Wilde. The more you understand your individual traits, your ‘genius fingerprint’, the more you can monetize your brilliance and operate ’in the zone’ with relaxed intensity. Otherwise you might try to imitate your favorite role model and ultimately lead someone else’s life – the main reason for mental or emotional disorders, stress and mediocrity.

As soon as you implement and communicate these results, you will be perceived as authentic, trustworthy and magnetic – a powerful way to build deep and lasting human relationships in business and in life.

Now, let’s get started. I look forward to sharing your personal results with you.

Have a Genius Experience!


Otto Siegel, M.Ed., MCC

P.S.:  All our Genius Assessments have been developed for highly intelligent and fast paced readers who like to get to the essence quickly and reflect deeper about the results. Expect the Unexpected!

P.P.S.:  Each genius assessment is essential part of our Genius Profile, the most comprehensive evaluation system for individual human brilliance in the market today.

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