Video Games – Blessing or Curse for Your Bright Child?

Bright and gifted children love fast-paced media to stimulate and challenge their brains. Often they have been exposed to this early on in life with progressive entertainment like “Baby Einstein” videos. How do video games serve this purpose and desire for high-speed learning? Do games create a virtual reality in young brains that distract from real reality? Can they possibly reflect an unmet need in childhood development? Join our unique program to explore new answers to this challenge and get practical tools to manage and engage these ‘high speed’ minds.

This highly interactive five – part program will support you to:

  • Understand the research behind video games
  • Evaluate the level of addiction to video games
  • Clarify the impact of virtual realities on emotional development
  • Explore positive impact of games on learning
  • Learn about innovative ways to deal with video games
  • Identify hidden development needs

Minecraft 1






Session Topics:   

  1. Video games and brain stimulation              
  2.  How video games impact behavior and habits
  3. Virtual and real reality – a delicate balance  
  4. Habit or addiction? How to set boundaries and demand respect
  5. Emotional development and video games  

Duration: 1 session of 45 minutes