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Over the course of his career creating and delivering coaching services, Otto Siegel has changed thousands of lives in families with bright children. He has developed profound insights into the physiology of learning and presents these revolutionary findings with compelling examples and solid scientific background. He is an engaging and passionate public speaker who can touch the hearts and minds of any audience: They laugh, they cry, they learn about themselves, and they feel deeply inspired to take action on their new insights. Sometimes, it takes only one sentence to reach the core of a person: Otto is this kind of speaker who can deliver this sentence to your specific audience. Invite him to speak to your organization. Tell us about your event and the core intentions you have in mind. He will customize one of the preferred topics below to make it a memorable success for your audience.

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Frequently requested topics include:

      • “Am I Crazy or Brilliant?” – Re-defining Dynamics Around Educating Bright Children and Young Adults who Simply Don’t Fit


Biologically, learning is as important as eating and drinking, especially for gifted, bright and sensitive people in any age. Frequently they experience information overload combined with lack of meaning and purpose; this gap usually results in unusual behavior as a physical warning signal. This highly interactive presentation will introduce you to the current revolution in education on all levels – the powerful transition from standardized memorizing to the self directed impact and speed of personalized interactive learning.

Introduction to: “Am I Crazy or Brilliant?”

  • From ‘Misfit’ to ‘Bestfit’ – The Urgent Need for Customized Education

Copy of smart boy in trouble

More bright children were born in the last 2 decades than ever before in human history. Their brains are highly stimulated from day one with fast paced videos and computer games. Are their brains wired differently? How can you be part of this generation Z trend as a professional educator and/or parent? Explore the background for this ‘genius acceleration’ and how to best respond to it in families, schools and organizations: This new society demands more intelligent and creative solutions in almost every area of life and business. Education has a new challenge to bring out the best in each individual child. How ready are you for this fresh start?

  • Bright and Bored – Now What?

bored with book

Every child has a birthright to build a career and life that is based on what they are good at. Learn new ways to support your bright children, find out what those unique gifts are and how to develop them. Understand alarming behavior signals like boredom from a different perspective and guide your children with practical behavior-based coaching tools to unfold their full innate potential inside and outside of school. Promote yourself into being a parent-coach and/or a teacher-coach and become a long-term trusted advisor for your children.

  • Video Games – Blessing or Curse for Your Bright Child?


Bright and gifted children love fast paced media to stimulate and challenge their brains. How do video games serve this purpose and desire? Do they create a virtual reality in young brains that distracts from the real reality? Do they reflect an unmet need in childhood development? Join Otto Siegel with Genius Coaching to explore new answers to this challenge and get practical tools to manage and engage these ‘high speed’ minds.

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