Families Testimonials

From the bottom of my heart as a Mom that was just lost and had no answers for what I was facing.  As a parent you cannot imagine a more scary place then one where you cannot help your child.  THANK YOU!! I PRAY THAT GOD WILL GUIDE YOU TO HELP THOUSANDS MORE. You are an amazing person who deserves way more credit than I am sure you receive.Thanks again for what you do, until we meet again. – Angie Bradtke

I hope you remember our little family from a couple of years ago. We have been implementing the exercises for Nate and trying to encourage some kind of outlet for his creativeness. He does not make videos anymore but he has gotten together with his friends and they have begun writing plays and screenplays. He still has his vivid imagination and has become involved in anime which he now draws. One of his friends bought him a sketch book and that helped him delve more into drawing.

The main thing I wanted to let you know is that he placed second place in the chemistry division of his science fair. He has been good in science since a younger age but because he did not place within the top three (he placed 8th out of 156 entries), he lost motivation. His winning 2nd place has helped and he was proud that all his hard work paid off :). So winning has helped his motivation which we knew from his evaluations that he did. Stephanie Frame

We are both proud of our kiddos. They are both strong and are learning to accept their own individual strengths as foundational to their own happiness.
We are all thankful to the guidance you have provided to our family. You have helped Brian and I be better, more accepting parents, and this continues to spill into my professional advocacy work as well. – Julie Cieniawski M.Ed. Proud Educator, Scottsdale Education Association President,
Arizona Education Association Executive Board Member

I have struggled with Dyslexia all my life. For me going to school was a real chore. I am now excited about school because my memory and comprehension have improved and studying is no longer a stuggle – Angela Wipperfuth, ASU student

I was seeking someone to talk to my teen about life challenges she was having. I had been unsuccessful with finding anyone to get her to realize that she was perfect just the way she was created! We had seen therapists, talked to school teachers, talked to school counselors and she still was very unhappy.
So, one day I decided to see what other resources where available and I found Otto! My daughter had a wonderful session with him. She learned a lot about herself and how she viewed the world. At the conclusion of her session; my daughter looked at Otto with a stare and big smile and said ” I’m not crazy! !!”. She felt so good that for weeks after that she would just look me in the eyes periodically and say “Mom, I’m a Genius”.
It takes someone very special to have the power to make a person feel like that!
Thank you very much Otto; meeting you has changed our lives forever! – Oterias Hammann

I’m so thankful for you!!! I’m very happy to inform to you that I haven’t  seen my son talk with such a joy before. The last time that he was with you, he was tired because he had a cold, he worked three and a half hours in his teacher’s garden, and then he went with you.  He told me with such a light in his eyes how excited he was with the idea of singing a song that we heard on the radio with many of his friends. I saw a sparkle in his whole face that I have never seen before!! It’s so exciting to see him transform and become a happy person. And it’s all thanks to you!!! – Claudia; Designer; Scottsdale

Hi Otto.  So far this school year, my son has straight A’s and not one missing homework assignment.  This has never happened before, not even in grade school.  Even in Spanish, where he dislikes the subject and the teacher, he has an A+.  He has not needed his tutor for any of this.  The tutor noticed one late assignment in the on-line records. I pointed out that it was an oral assignment, a presentation in front of the entire English class, and in the past, his fear would have forced him to skip the assignment all together.  He delayed, but he did it!  Though Jonathan wouldn’t tell me all the details, he said his talk was about archetypes and that he talked about me being both matriarch and patriarch since his dad had passed away. For Jonathan to speak publicly about anything this emotionally charged has never happened, ever.  Most assignments requiring public speaking never happened, ever.  I want you to know that what you have done for Jonathan, and for Connor, means more to me, and to them, than I can ever express.  You are a miracle-worker!  —Anne-Marie

I have an 18-year-old son with whom I had tried everything.  He’s been gifted as a young child, and while he was bored in school, he was not disruptive. Grade school teachers felt strongly that he had ADD, but his grades were so good that my husband and I were frustrated by their recommendations for medication.  Then, my husband passed away.  Connor was 10.  It became a slow slide into one failure after another– academics, peer relationships, family relationships, sports, self care, all tumbled into disaster.  When he was 16, I placed him in a behavioral mood facility.  Fifteen months later, they sent him home on four medications, subdued but drugged, still failing at school and every other area, volatile at times, subdued at other times, and addicted to video games.

       I began work with a homeopathic doctor to ease Connor off the medications.  He became more alert, but still volatile at times, unable to pass his driver’s test, and still failing in school.  Then I met Otto.  Connor began meeting with him in October of 2011.  Within two weeks his grades went from F’s to A’s, B’s and C’s.  He passed his driver’s test, began a relationship with a very sweet girl, and became so alert and engaged that his principal sent me an email to ask what was going on.  He finished high school early, enrolled in a technical school, and got his first job.  No more volatility.  No more medications.  He smiles.  We talk.  His younger brothers enjoy his company.  

     My two younger boys are also gifted and have struggled with different aspects of mainstream academic systems.  My second son is brilliant but has struggled with organization–lots of missing homework and frequent “oops I forgot I had a test”.  His grades are all A’s and B’s after four meetings with Otto with no missing assignments.  My 9-year-old met with Otto three times.  He had resisted reading and writing. Though his grades were good, and his behavior was good, his teacher was concerned about his lack of attention. After three meetings he discovered a love of reading.  He went from first grade level books to Jules Verne, and he writes poetry almost every day.  He had told me he hated school and begged to be home-schooled. He now says it’s still sometimes boring, but he likes it.

      What Otto does is a combination of what I’ve called neuro-physical therapy and intense coaching.  He has an uncanny understanding of gifted children which he translates into a simply magical ability to redirect their energies of frustrations into forward propulsion.  Connor needed more coaching, more talking it through.  My younger sons responded almost immediately to the neuro-exercises, what Otto calls the physical intelligence portion.  I was able to use some of these exercises with an octogenarian friend who was surprised at the results, as well.

     My children have attended Montessori early education programs and benefited greatly, have been under my watchful nutritional eye (food allergies/sensitivities are common in gifted kids), and have received care from a naturopathic physician (middle child went from nebulizer treatments every day to no asthma attacks in past 4 years).  They have had tutors when needed, counseling after Dad died, and tremendous love and support from a big extended family.  All of these have been good, and Otto’s program has been the missing piece. -Anne M. C. Scottsdale, AZ

I would like to say thank you for the amazing guidance and inspiration you have given to my daughter.  I wish, when I was twelve, I had met someone with your insight and passion to help me find my strengths, find my own passion, and inspire me to greatness, as you have done for her.  As parents, we try to motivate our kids and tell them they are amazing, and it never quite seems to sink in.  Your numerous talents have helped my daughter’s self-confidence, her ability to see what she does well and her belief that she really is an amazing person with her own special genius. I wish you many more successes with Genius Coaching, and I thank you and your staff for presenting this wonderful opportunity for self-discovery to my family.  Our experience with you was life changing, and I want other people to know about it! Karoline starts school next week and is determined to incorporate what she has learned from you. She is in honors reading, honors English, honors social studies and advanced orchestra this year!-Kym O.

John is really doing well–I can’t thank you and Darjul enough for helping him understand his uniqueness. He has more confidence and ability to engage his logic when his emotions are running high–which is a HUGE improvement. You see, there is a downside to being on the mother end sometimes. Kids can easily feel that their mom’s acknowledgement and appreciation of their abilities is skewed–that they are “supposed to say” those things because we are, indeed, their mothers. Having somebody else who didn’t know him beforehand come in and help him believe in himself has been amazing. So thank you. -Debbie N.

Today, I can honestly say, “I love life!” I know I wouldn’t be standing here today if it weren’t for Otto Siegel. You see, I am a type 1 diabetic (which means I’m insulin dependant), and for the past three years, until now, I was an extremely suppressed person. I guess you could say I was suicidal. I would abuse myself by not taking my insulin until my blood sugars were out the roof because I thought being skinny meant everything in the world, and I was going in and out of the hospital because of it. I looked good, but I was dying on the inside, literally. It was effecting my concentration in school and ability to enjoy life. Everyday, after school, I would come home, eat, and just pass out on the couch until dinner, and then go to bed. My life consisted of nothing.

My doctor insisted that I go to therapy. So I tried that. I swear I saw at least 3 different therapists, and they all said the same thing. They were explaining what’s wrong with me, and they all wanted to put me on drugs. One of them even wanted to send me to an in-patient treatment center for up to 6 months. I was definitely not happy to hear that.

Then one day, my dad comes home and says to me, “I want you to meet this man, who I think can really help you.” So the following week, my family and I went to visit Otto at his office. Then I realized, from the knowledge I learned from that one visit, that he could really help me. I currently see Otto once a week, and I feel revitalized every time. He has brought out my true self and has showed me things about myself that I would have never believed. Through the first couple sessions, we created something called a genius profile, which is a profile about me, stating all my strengths, needs, and learning styles. I look at this everyday to remind myself how special and smart I really am.

This profile really built up my confidence to take care of myself. Otto also suggested that I start a food journal which I love doing. I write down my blood sugars, everything that I eat, and even my daily workout. Otto has really brought me to life, and I have more energy then I have ever had before. I really had no idea how bad I really felt, until I was officially brought back to life.

One special thing that Otto did for me was that he made me realize my true passion for food. He encouraged me to experiment with different foods, and he has given me the privilege to meet with Dawn Kennington, who own Benedicts Café. I also went to her café and toured the kitchen which got me real excited because I just love that environment.

Anyways, I would just like to say how much I adore Otto because he really brought me out of my shell, brought me to life, and basically, saved my life. -Brittany M.

I wanted to let you know how much our family enjoyed consulting with Otto.  It was truly invaluable. We all learned more about ourselves and each other. We are anticipating future consultations with him. Hope to be in touch soon! Thanks a million, Otto — your visionary spirit is an inspiration to us ALL!! Denise

I forgot to tell you when we were talking yesterday that we have been putting an emphasis on the food side of things as well as the water. The protein and complex carbs help everyone stay connected, I’m sure, so we’re upping the effort even more around here 🙂 I came away feeling very positive from our meeting yesterday. I think a big part of that is the dramatic shift I saw in Andrew after his exercises. It is encouraging to hear you say that you feel he/we are making some good progress! This has been one of the most stressful times for our family for several reasons — somehow I think you know that – but at the same time, we have so much to be thankful for. Your program, with all the exercises and reminders, have helped both of us to slow down and not lose sight of that. I can see how we are now starting to share those vibes with Rob and Meagan at home. It’s a good thing!  Thanks! Kristine

Haley is great … she is still in college of course but it looks like she will be finishing a bit early, graduating from the Honors college of Science in 3 1/2 years and right now, planning to go on to graduate school … she just loves it even though it is hard work and challenges her. She is holding an office for her sorority, and she does volunteer work with the nutrition department for the Tucson school district, as well.  She has applied for some research programs to work on childhood obesity prevention and Diabetes solutions…. those she hopes to start this summer. She continues to be very very focused, and she is proceeding at an amazing pace toward all the goals you helped her in setting while making adjustments along the way quite gracefully and with much confidence most of the time. -Jessica B.

 (My daughter) Emily is fantastic. She got her own apartment–first time without a roommate. She got a little dog to keep her company. She is still at the University of Phoenix, and she has received a 9% raise over the last 18 months. She is taking a class or two for free, but there are no occupational goals yet). She has also started dating a new guy. She has a very active social life and “service commitments” for AA that keep her busy. Most importantly, she seems happy and less overwhelmed. I’m proud of her. Thanks for all you have done for both of us! Best, -Janice M., Strategic Choice Consulting, Inc. www.strategicchoiceconsulting.com

Hi, Otto. I just want you to know that today Wendell told me that he really enjoyed going to see you yesterday. He said he had a lot of fun because he could talk to you and you understood him. You are the first person that he really opened up to, he usually doesn’t do that, and I thank you for helping him. Regards, Gloria

On Wednesday, Marcus and I both did crosswalks and power 8s before he went to school. He came home and said he had no homework, that he’d completed everything at school. “I looked on the board and thought, ‘That’s going to be homework,’ so I just finished it in class.” This is unheard of behavior. He NEVER completes all his homework at school. I brought to his attention the crosswalk and power 8s. He shrugged his shoulders.This morning, we did the same thing. He came home having completed all his homework in class again. And he’d read a chapter in his reading book, also something he doesn’t normally do in class. He was tired, hungry and had a headache. But he’d done all his homework. I mentioned again that he’d done crosswalk and power 8s. This time, he nodded his head in agreement. In addition, I can say that I have been more productive the last two days. Very interesting, I must say. I’m going to keep this up.Jo Lou

We came to Otto Siegel and Genius Coaching searching for solutions to support our 8 ½ year old daughter. As a highly-gifted and extremely artistic child, she was losing interest and motivation in school and was simply not engaging in her academics or other creative activities as before. With this, we also began experiencing conflict at home with an increase in her frustrations and a decline in her attitude and behavior. After months of searching for solutions, we met Otto through the Arizona gifted community. Otto, through his innate ability to connect with individuals, particularly gifted children, and the Genius Coaching techniques, provided our daughter with the tools and resources she needed to identify and understand her true passions, her innate talents, and her internal motivational drivers. As well, the guidance my husband and I received helped us to develop clearer expectations and improved communications with our daughter. By consistently applying the tools, techniques, resources. and guidance provided to us through Genius Coaching, we have seen a significant positive change in our daughter as she has re-engaged in her academics and creative outlets. She has become empowered by her own understanding of herself, her passions, her talents, and her strengths, as well as her weaknesses. She has learned how to rely on her strengths to work through and overcome challenges and disappointments. Her internal motivation has been reactivated and she is doing extremely well, armed with the knowledge and tools to realize all that is possible for her. – Patty M.