“Am I Crazy or Brilliant?” – Five Unexpected Answers for Sensitive Introverts

How many times have you been asking yourself this question? What were your answers? Sensitive introverts are frequently mislabeled as “slow, hesitant, unobtrusive or indecisive”. In reality, they experience a rich and complex inner life with vivid and deep feelings. These highly intelligent and highly sensitive people of any age might ask themselves profound questions on a regular basis and search passionately for answers.

Discover the hidden value of this deep and thorough way to process realities and acquire some simple behavior based tools you can apply immediately. Your family and friends will benefit from these new insights as well.

Your new results will help you to:

  • Get in touch with the value of daily ‘me-time’
  • Experience the distinctions in thinking and feeling
  • Significantly expand your self-perception
  • Find new insights into hidden parts of your innate brilliance
  • Build more confidence, creativity and uniqueness 

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Session Topics:

  1. The secret behind behavior challenges
  2. Can Extroverts be introverted as well?
  3. How to develop from great to excellent
  4. Emotional flexibility – sensitivity in action
  5. The new role of intuition and emotion

Duration: 1 sessions of 45 minutes