Programs for Families

Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them. – Albert Einstein

Everybody Has a Different Story

There are numerous approaches towards Genius Coaching for the family unit, depending on size, ages, behavioral situations, etc. Our first step is an evaluation session where we meet the family and discuss goals and challenges. We structure a program that fits the needs of the family and what the family members feel comfortable with. For example, some children want one or both parents involved in the coaching sessions and some don’t. We let them make the choice. Greater Comfort = Greater Success.

From information gathered during the evaluation, we will produce a proposal for a coaching program that best fits your family. There is usually a combination of individual sessions where we can reach great depth; and group sessions, where everyone enjoys learning about the differences and similarities between the various family members.

All the programs wind up with the same results:

  • Family members communicate with each other with a whole new depth and understanding
  • Parents know what each of their children needs to flourish
  • Interaction becomes fun and rewarding
  • Increased openness builds trust and honesty
  • Families develop teamwork skills to achieve goals together and enjoy life

At the completion of the coaching program, a Genius Profile is created, defining all of your strengths, needs, values, learning methods, and a growth environment where you can flourish. This is the road map to your joy and success. Follow it and live a life of ease and productivity.