Genius Coaching for Families

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Guide Your Children to Be Their Best

Every person deserves a career and life based on their unique strengths and passions. When kids and young adults don’t experience that, they are bored, distracted, aggressive, withdrawn, or unmotivated with mostly disastrous grades.

Over the past 30 years, Otto Siegel has been dedicating plenty of research, education, and coaching efforts to service families of bright children with these challenges in the US, Brazil, and Germany. More than 90% of these children are mislabeled as ADD, ADHD, OCD, or different behavior ‘disorders’.

Often, just one initial genius coaching session produces a whole new outlook on life: students realize that they do not have to be like everyone else, knowing the tremendous value of who they are as unique individuals. They simply have to discover and develop their specific strengths and learn how to express these in a very structured school environment. This is our specialty at Genius Coaching™: we strongly support the educational system by providing a service that complements standard education.

Children who work with us are proud of who they are. They experience our Genius Profile TM, a comprehensive evaluation system for human strengths. Most graduates turn their lives around: they find purpose and meaning in their lives; they improve their grades dramatically; they enjoy more close friends. Most importantly, they show courage and passion to create their own future.

Genius Coaching™ supports the innate desire of your child to be confident, brilliant and a full-out participant in the world around him or her.Sofia jumping