Executive Health Retreat

Our culture rewards those tirelessly dedicated to effort and achievement. Chances are you’re one of those people who stays up late and wakes early to accomplish more toward your work, personal projects or life goals. 
But, have you ever questioned — how much is too much?

Many incredibly successful figures as diverse as Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates are self-proclaimed “workaholics”. Their lives are a testament to the value of hard work, dedication and passion. However, not every case of work addiction results in greatness.

What if there is a dark side to personal drive?



It’s easy to think of workaholism as a “positive” addiction because it appears that you are getting so much more done. But the truth is, you are not any more productive than the average “hard worker” – in fact, you’re less productive.


Before you clock those extra hours at the office, or pull another late night on your passion project, discover how workaholism can stifle your creativity, negatively affect your health and actually cause you to lose money!


Workaholism may help you feel like you’re in control but just like any other destructive addiction, it not only creates serious health risks for you but the people in your life whom you love most.

How ready are you to replace it with a healthier, more productive, creative and joyful lifestyle?

We invite you to hit the ‘pause’ button this summer for a closer look into the root causes and replace hard work with relaxed intensity to be more creative and productive. Join us for a 3-day Executive Health Retreat at the very comfortable Boulder’s Resort in Cave Creek, AZ.

“The Genius coaching session for our Senior leadership team last week was the best investment we have ever made in leadership development……by far! The content was exceptional, Otto was riveting and brilliant as a teacher/facilitator and my senior leaders loved every minute of it.
The ideas and knowledge we left with will help us be much better coaches and far more effective collaborators and leaders. Everyone who leads people needs this experience. If it were required in every company for new leaders the results it would engender would be staggering in my view.”
Jerry Acuff, CEO Delta Point, Inc.

In  a small group of like-minded and highly motivated participants you will

  • Experience ‘relaxed intensity’ as a very innovative way to pro-actively deal with stress and mental overload,
  • Become part of a community of intelligent and sensitive people who lead with their brains as well as their hearts and guts,
  • Stretch your vision for yourself and others,
  • Turn up the volume of your true calling – quietly or boldly,
  • Activate what you were born to do,
  • Shift neurological negativity and embrace the hidden power in you,
  • Enjoy more flow in your life and business on a deeper level,
  • Relax into the biological wisdom of your body,
  • Make your life and business matter on a bigger scale.



The sole purpose is to regenerate your entire body on a cellular level, using the latest insights in brain plasticity and Psycho-Neuro-Immunology for your personal benefit with very practical experiences that can add value immediately to your daily routines for months and years to come.


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Location: BOULDERS Resort & SPA, 34631 N Tom Darlington Dr. Carefree, AZ 85377

The total participation fee includes:

  • Program Fees
  • Lodging for two nights
  • Resort fees
  • Seven delicious meals
  • Zen Message in the luxurious Boulders SPA

This top quality Executive Health Retreat is limited to 15 participants.