Executive Coaching

We partner with successful executive leaders on their way from great to excellent.

They have a clear focus on maximizing leadership skills with a minimum investment of their time. They request the application of latest behavior technology beyond the (outdated) paradigm ‘mind over matter’. They experienced professional coaching in their careers and request customization of executive development to their individual needs.









Here are our responses:

  • We start with a personal meeting of 45 minutes to understand the expectations and requirements for a successful executive coaching partnership.
  • We suggest specific tools like online 360 feedback or assessments from our own Genius Profile™ as needed for quick insights into the ‘human side’ of leadership.
  • We recommend a coaching partnership duration between 3 and 9 months with 2-4 individual coaching sessions per month.
  • We include behavior based Physical Intelligence© tools to maximize speed and long-term success of executive learning.