The Power of Trust for Teams



This course provides an in-depth and practical approach to the “ONE thing that changes everything” – Trust between managers, employees and customers. Progressive companies and teams have been realizing over the past few years that a culture of trust accelerates communication, speeds up the sales process, enhances employee engagement as well as customer loyalty. Frequently mis-understood as a ‘soft skill’, trust turns out to be a catalyst in daily business interactions and intrinsic motivation: In a trust-based culture employees love to come to work each day.

Trust can be broken and trust can be built every day: This highly interactive program makes trust building a personal experience that participants can apply immediately



This course is designed for managers and team members on all organizational levels. 

DURATION:  1 Day – 8 hours 



Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate different levels of trust within a team
  • Initiate conversations that build trust
  • Leverage diversity in a virtual or physical team more effectively
  • Engage team members more successfully
  • Connect employee development and trust building
  • Discover the strong connection between strengths development and trust building
  • Create a strengths and trust based company culture
  • Experience more self trust in daily challenges


1.   Personal Credibility

Introduction: Beyond Ethics
The 4 cores of Credibility

Exercise: How real is trust?

2.   Biology of Trust

The first and second brain – reasoning and sensing
Physiology of feelings

3.   Relationship Trust

Eight proven behaviors that create trust
Exercises and case studies

4.   Inspiring Trust

The Concept of “Smart Trust”
Trust as a Calculated Risk

5.   Power of Trust in a Sales Environment 

Trust building language

6.   Restoring Trust when it has been lost     

Skill practice and exercises
Feedback and Close

CLIMATEC–  Client Comments!
1 Day Trust Building Training held on  APRIL 29, 2015