Speaking Topics

“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.” -John Ford

While many of Otto’s keynote presentations are custom-tailored to fit a particular event or need, the following are topics that have been requested frequently:.

Step Out of the Box and Into Your Genius

Innovation may be the most critical asset for your sustainable success. One essential challenge corporations face is learning how to teach highly intelligent and risk-averse leaders and managers to fundamentally change their thinking habits in order to accelerate execution of innovative plans.

In public and corporate education we learned to perform to standards.  What our educational system doesn’t teach us is how to identify and maximize our unique capabilities.

These unique capabilities are the roots for innovation that make each person exceptional and even genius, if developed all the way. They are the foundation for self-confidence, excellence and effective team collaboration.

Otto shows his audience practical ways to tap into this genius power and to maximize these unique talents in a team setting. He will unravel common misperceptions about high performance that slow down excellence. And finally, Otto will provide 3 simple tools that will help participants live more of their unique genius immediately.

Dare To Be Different – Diversity, Your #1 Team Advantage

Diversity in your teams can be a valuable competitive advantage for your company. Not just cultural diversity, but the real roots for diversity: Individual uniqueness. Recognizing, nurturing and rewarding uniqueness leads to a new perspective on the top priority of talent  management.

In his unique edu-taining way,  Otto will present you a variety of surprising  examples from different organizations that made this profound shift in diversity awareness a daily reality: From toelrating cultural differences to mutual respect for every single team member and their individual brilliance and behavior  quirks.

No matter if your teams work in the same building or around the globe, learn how to leverage the ‘people power’ in diversity. Are you ready to benefit?