Speaking Overview

“You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life” ~ Zig Ziglar

Otto Siegel’s upbeat approach to teaching innovative leadership, improving collaboration and personal creativity has been enjoyed by thousands of people around the world and your organization can benefit from this as well. Otto’s lively interactive presentations captivate audiences and everyone comes away with new insights and inspiration that will improve their lives and careers.

Otto is an nationally recognized expert on innovation, creativity and genius performance. He uses his background as a Master Certified Coach, Educational Consultant and Educator to shed light on one of the biggest mysteries of life: why people don’t have the success they desire. He has spoken to a wide range of audiences, from corporations like Oracle, IBM and McKesson Health to local and national associations and parenting groups. In his ‘edu-training’ talks he dispels the  some limiting myths you have been taught that might  hold you back and shows how to tap into your innate genius potential to reach a new level of performance. Leaders learn how to build high-performance teams and bypass wide-spread misconceptions about intelligence, capabilities, team building, diversity and success. Once these myths are dispelled, you’ll see a quantum leap in team and employee performance.

He demonstrates how physical intelligence is a key factor to success. Proper diet, hydration and exercises that help connect the brain and the body are ways to improve your performance in easy and fun ways. And of course, everybody is out of their seats and moving with a new purpose.

Watch Otto Siegel’s interactive speaking style with  a corporate audience

Everyone leaves Otto’s breakthrough talks with a stronger awareness of their capabilities, better ability to connect with other team members, renewed excitement for their job, profession or career, and increased self-confidence. Most important: they know how to activate their genius potential to reach new levels of success. Like many others, you might say, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before? I would have been so much more successful!