What is YOUR Bigger Life?

Have you ever felt like there is something more to your life, that you’re meant for bigger things? That you are here for a higher and bigger purpose, even if you may not know completely what it is yet?

Do you sometimes feel bored, limited or exhausted by your own daily routine? How much does your own future excite you? You might have been too busy to reflect on these important questions in order to find meaningful answers; until now.


If this resonates with you it might be urgent to hit the ‘pause’ button for a few days and go to your deeper roots for new answers.

Take your time to read this page – slowly and sentence by sentence. Let it sink in and resonate with you. It could add significant value to your ‘Inner game’ in business and life.

In one of the circles I run in, people talk about using their business (and their free time) to make a lasting impact and create a brighter future – both for themselves and people they truly care about. It’s a deeply fascinating and meaningful conversation. And it’s something I’ve been focused on for many years: I’m not just in business to make money, I’m in business to make a difference in the people I serve. What about you?

I’m inviting you to create a ripple effect in the world using what you’re passionate about, so you can inspire others and the world at large – with your daily actions and feelings.

This summer I will host an intimate genius retreat where you will learn the innovative and unusual way I created that turns up the volume on your calling.

This 3-day transformative event is called “What is YOUR Bigger Life?”

If you are intuitive, creative or passionate or always felt just a little tiny bit different than everyone else, I personally invite you to:

  • Stretch your vision for yourself and others,
  • Turn up the volume of your true calling – quietly or boldly,
  • Activate what you were born to do,
  • Spend 3 days with likeminded people who will get and champion you,
  • Become part of a community of intelligent and sensitive people who lead with their brains as well as their hearts and guts,
  • Shift neurological negativity and embrace the hidden power in you,
  • Enjoy more flow in your life and business on a deeper level,
  • Relax into the biological wisdom of your body,
  • Make your life and business matter on a bigger scale.

During our joyful, inspiring and highly interactive time together you will be encouraged to create a brand new blueprint for your bigger life. Together, we will:

  • Explore how much you are needed in this bigger picture,
  • Understand your unique role deeper,
  • Assess your life’s purpose and your unique gifts,
  • Appreciate your differences,
  • Overcome any obstacles you might be experiencing,
  • Understand how to live your life’s purpose DAILY with more joy, intensity and passion.

This Genius Retreat is a very personal and joyful experience, unlike any you ever participated in – for the converted as much as for the explorer: It is based on Relaxed Intensity and the Power of Play as essential parts of Physical Intelligence that gives you access to the hidden brilliance in your heart and soul.

You will walk away knowing and feeling how to get paid for making your brilliance available to the world and how to monetize your personal value for the highest good.

This is your time to stand out: There has never been anyone with your talents and purpose – you are truly irreplaceable in this bigger vision.


This unconventional genius retreat for progressive, smart and sensitive professionals might be the one experience you have been waiting for your whole life.

How inspired are you by your own bigger life as a strong motivation to create a vibrant future?

This is the sole purpose of this genius retreat: Take a comfortable Stay-cation and give yourself 3 days and 2 nights in a high end Resort environment to activate what you were born to do.



Contact us for future retreat dates. 

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Location: BOULDERS Resort & SPA, 34631 N Tom Darlington Dr. Carefree, AZ 85377

The total participation fee includes:

  • Program Fees
  • Lodging for two nights
  • Resort fees
  • Seven gourmet meals
  • Zen Message in the luxurious Boulders SPA

This top quality Genius Retreat is limited to 15 participants.