Genius Coaching for Companies

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.”
– Isaac Newton

Innovation and Creativity with a Spark of Genius

Great companies bring innovation and creativity to every business activity. It takes passion and courage to deliver this on a daily basis. We help you find and release the genius that is locked up in your company.

Even though genius is admired in sports, movies, art, science and business, it is not taught in schools, in families or in businesses. It is based on individual uniqueness and therefore happens randomly or goes undeveloped or unnoticed. At school you were graded on standardized tests. In companies you learn standard operating procedures and best business practices. You might work with standardized job descriptions and performance programs. All these agreements are essential for companies to succeed, but in most cases they do not deliver the desired breakthrough growth and profitability required in the new global economy. What if it were possible to combine both worlds? To unlock and foster the individual brilliance of each team member while accelerating creativity and innovation for increased company performance?

Genius Leadership™ can teach your staff how to develop and utilize human interaction in a high-tech business world. This profound transformation yields significant advancements in overall performance, profitability, top talent retention, employee engagement – and it makes work much more enjoyable. Since 2003 several innovative corporations like American Express, Oracle, Dell and Microsoft have trusted us to infuse Genius Performance™ as a catalyst into their leadership teams.