Certification Context

Professional coaching has been the fastest growing home based business in the US for the last 2 years. There is an increasing need for guidance in life and business transitions as well as for children and teenagers who search for meaning and career goals, based on their individual talents and strengths. At the same time, leadership in small and large organizations demands a transformation that exceeds conventional images about ‘change’: A profound upgrade in human interaction, a significant step beyond gossip, politics and conventional roles and hierarchies. Coaching bridges this gap between knowledge and implementation – we know enough about psychology and behavioral science; now it is an emergency to act on what we know. Therefore, the demand of professional coaching is increasing rapidly, very much like the need for fast-paced information processing before computers were created.

Genius Coaching delivers products and services to meet this demand for lasting transformation and upgrade on the human side of business and family communication: Our fast paced practical coaching approach is combined with the first and most comprehensive evaluation system for human brilliance in the market place and Physical Intelligence® tools to overcome internal obstacles in brain and nervous system faster and easier. This unique combination revolutionized the coaching industry and has been getting increased attention by large corporations like Oracle, Dell and Microsoft since 2003.

Purpose of the Program

The modules of this program will provide two distinctively different intentions:

  • A personal transformation to significantly upgrade the level of professionalism on the human side of business for every participant in their current area of specialty.
  • To provide a solid foundation for a full time or part time business opportunity as a certified genius coach with a specialty that is related to the participants’ professional background.

Both objectives will be accomplished on a practical level by acquiring and immediately applying the entire professional tool kit of genius coaching. It is aligned with the standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and brings their core competencies to the next level. This program is a condensed version of other coaching schools in the market that require a minimum of 125 hours of online class and in-person experience for their certification. The Genius Coach Certification has been developed for fast paced learners and combines

  • The essentials of professional coaching
  • The Genius Profile® as most comprehensive evaluation system for human strengths
  • Physical Intelligence® practices to implement lasting transformation on a cellular level.

Participants are strongly encouraged to implement each module immediately in their professional environment to get the most benefit from interactive adult learning technologies.