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How do you feel as an Outlier?

Almost 10 years ago Malcolm Gladwell published his national bestseller “Outliers – The Story of Success”. Initially he searched for a connection between IQ and success in life and career. However, he found staggering evidence that such a correlation simply does not exist. But here was – and is – the profound result that made him famous: Highly successful people in the US and abroad most frequently stand out with their unique brilliance and creativity! They simply don’t fit any norm, live part of their lives as rebels or face a lot of resistance from their peers who live ‘inside the bell curve.”

Outliers can be ‘highly intelligent misfits’ with unique perspectives, strong opinions and deep caring for others. They can add significant value as innovators if they find strong emotional support and encouragement to be as unique as possible.Here is the risk: If they never experience their own unique value and cannot find people who believe in them, they might turn easily into outsiders, close down emotionally and withdraw from friends and family members who actually care about them.

Harry* recognized number patterns at age 5. He was a straight A student up to his Senior High School year, but almost over night he lost interest in school, became severely depressed and did not want to leave the house. When we evaluated his Genius Intelligences as part of his Genius Profile it showed “Logical-Mathematical” towering above all the other qualities of intelligence. With specific tutoring and strong emotional support Harry* could turn his mental challenge around and became a highly successful software engineer.

* = not his real name

What is YOUR unique brilliance?

How much do you enjoy it?

How strongly do you apply it every day?


Visiting the Dentist.

Jean* is a well educated girl and just celebrated her 8th birthday. She had only ONE big challenge in her life – her dentist. He was a cold person and grim looking, with little or no feeling for her fears and sensitivity.

So when the time for the next appointment came around, she dressed up as a pirate. Her mom was simply speechless and asked her: “Why in the world did you to THAT?” Her response was very clear: “Only pirates are allowed to kill people without being punished.”

What would have been your next sentence if Jean* would be your child?

What does the entire story tell you?

Add Heart and Soul to Life

What five words pop into your mind immediately when you hear the word “future”?

This was a little exercise one of the key presenters did with us in the audience during the BRINK 2015.1 conference -Discovering the Future last weekend. What was your answer? How did your partner respond? Or your child(ren)?

The results might lead to very interesting discussions. Facing_The_Future_Without_Fear_Web







Two major topics included Artificial Intelligence and the Revolutions against Sickness, Aging and Death. 42 speakers had a lot of colorful contributions to make around these 2 topics. Which one is closer to your heart?

What is more important than embracing creativity, innovation and disruption as power tools to create a new future fairly quickly?

To make this future attractive and livable, we might want to add heart and soul to the equation: Bright intelligence alone will not be able to create warmth and caring.

We all have something to say about it. Every day. Creating is the new approach. After all: We live in the most exciting times in Human History. The overwhelming amount of negative daily news about small events might distract us with fear.

Are you ready to create something much better and meaningful than that every day?

Reach Your Genius beyond graduation……

It’s graduation time again!


My former assistant Mariana found this genius graduation story about an 11-year old boy  Tanishq Abraham in Sacramento, CA who graduated from college at age 11 with 3 Associate Degrees. 

He went to College only for one year to accomplish that. He joined the local MENSA group at age 4 and his mother took on the challenge to home school him, after he strongly complained that everything at school was too boring for him.

His secret? “I just love to learn.” Simple. Profound. Reflecting a deep hunger for knowledge, wisdom and awareness. Up to a point where he calls his incredible achievement a ‘first small step towards his real goals: “To earn a Nobel Prize and become President of the US.”

Is Tanishq the only child of this kind? Personally, I feel there are tens of thousands of these kind of children (and adults!) in every country: They might be suffering quietly, rebel against authority, question the school and education system or feel lost in her profession of life.

Who do you know who is currently such a unsatisfied highly intelligent misfit?Invite them to complete our genius quiz on our website, Some hidden light bulbs may start to glow!

Being a Genius means being DIFFERENT!

” Why were we born to stand out, but everyone makes us fit in?” was the question of 9-year old Dave* to his mom at bedtime last week.

Pause for a minute and think about your response to this brilliant question.


Does it come as a surprise that Dave* battles with health challenges and feels frequently that “nobody understands me?” He loves to talk to adults who have a sense for his uniqueness and treat him as a person, not as a child. Only highly sensitive people can feel so deeply and express their feelings in a simplicity that sounds like wisdom.


True genius is vulnerable and powerful at the same time; it always comes in a package: Intelligence – sensitivity – intensity – specialty – passion


Finally Discover your Genius!

While researching, Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach discovered that approx. 1 in 10,000 people are geniuses.

imagesIn this context, “genius” is defined as a person who innovates something so impactful that it enriches the other 9,999 (as well as millions of others). What if you are destined to be that “one”? Or what if you’re not?

Either way, you benefit. If you are that one exception, you not only help others… and probably make lots of money while enjoying your 15 minutes of fame!

If not, well you get the benefits of that innovation… as well as benefiting from the innovations of the other 700,000 geniuses’ running around the globe.

You should think about it like the magic of compounding interest – with each ‘genius contribution’ the technology base continues growing exponentially, and your ‘enrichment ratio’ multiplies.

But there’s a catch.

You need to be ALIVE to benefit.

Personally I have a much more radical approach to the Genius question, based on my favorite Einstein quote “There is a true genius in everyone. But if you ask a fish to climb a tree, it will always think that he is stupid.”

What if you would have a passion and unique talent for something specific and would be determined to find out what exactly it is and bring it out all the way?

It might be totally life changing – for more prosperity, happiness. purpose and fulfillment every day.

Common Sense?

How much proof do you need for something that is common sense?
 A few years ago my life partner Susanna and I looked into renting a wonderful big home. The family living there had two sons with 10 and 12 years. The moment we entered their home they started a huge show: They switched on the TV and turned up the volume, chased their dogs around in the living room and filled every room with their screaming and insecurity. But the real surprise hit me when we entered the master bedroom: Their 2 beds stood right next to their parents’ bed. They constantly refused to sleep alone in their room.
 The parents felt guilty and helpless that they were not able to change that behavior, not with punishment, pressure or rewards. They were desperate and determined to discover the reasons for this unusual behavior. I interrupted them with a simple question: “How do you FEEL about that?”
Autistic boyThey wanted to avoid that question with a long story about “If I only could understand why ….”; so I interrupted them again with the same question. After a ‘pregnant pause’ of a few minutes I heard a lot about fears, worries and anxiety on both sides, most of them completely irrational. Now THAT was the real – unspoken – connection between parents and their sons and served as a powerful engine for over-compensation, panic attacks, sleepless nights and mutual (!) passive-aggressive outbursts.
 Rather than looking for reasons for this kind of behavior, I care about the feeling behind it: Feelings are meant to be felt and expressed, not understood. As soon as this kind of emotional opening occurs, the fear-driven behavior dissolves. Common sense?
 What is YOUR example for this phenomenon?


Are YOU Inner-lectual Today?

How do you react when you hear a completely new word? OK – let’s test it:

What exactly is an inner-lectual?

I would LOVE to see your face right now or hear about your very first reaction to this word. First of all – there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Here is what I associated with it when I heard it yesterday:

A truly intellectual person might love mental activity, creative and complex thinking, exploration of data and facts, accumulation of knowledge. Inner-lectuals listen to their own bodies, notice these subtle intuitive inklings, make them important and give them significant value for their daily decisions.
In even more practical terms: Intellectuals ask each other “what do you think?”, inner-lectuals rather ask others “how do you feel about this?” They understand deeply that the inner wisdom of their bodies is always reliable and true, more than their own thoughts or emotions.

Yes, it takes some stillness to get there, some stepping back from our busy-ness and specific time for ‘doing nothing’ and reflect. The rewards? A calm and peaceful mind that can handle a lot of information each day without feeling overwhelmed. Inner-lectuals feel more centered, focused and alert, show great self confidence and appreciation of others with a deep ‘attitude of gratitude’. Why are they still so rare?

Sedentary Lifestyle?

Are you ready for a whole different and genius way of a 2015 resolution? One that will be a lot of fun every day for yourself and your family and add significant value to your mental, emotional and physical health?

Let me introduce you to Stephen Jepson: He is the most active individual you will ever meet – constantly moving and doing different activities all day long.  He believes that keeping his mind and body active is the key to living a long and healthy life.  So, he is busy creating new, simple and genius activities to make sure his brain is always running at top speed!

Keeping the mind and body active may be the key to staying fit, both physically and mentally.

Stephen Jepson believes that by challenging your body to do activities that require both physical activity as well as thought, you are increasing the number of neural connections in the brain.  He also believes that using your non-dominant hand and foot will help to create new connections that lead to improved memory.

To me it appears VERY clearly he may be on to something!  Jepson has more energy than most people half his age and he continues to create and explore new ways of keeping active everyday!

This video interview will inspire you – guaranteed!

Please let me know how it resonates with you.


Hyperactive and/or Creative?

Did you ever diagnose yourself with ADD or ADHD?

Welcome to the club: This is very likely the most frequently used label to cover up genius. Einstein would have been diagnosed immediately with ADD, but at his time, this label was not available – what a fortune for human kind!

Recent studies show a whole new and dramatic picture: ADHD brains are most creative. Why do we call that a disability?

My former client Karen W. sent me this wealth of solid research, and I took some time to go through bigstock-Finally-Found-A-Way-Out-4223258-300x200the background research on level 1 and 2. It is safe to say that the confusion between ADHD and genuine creativity is profound. I feel passionate to remove this label and look into what’s hiding behind it: Turns out, there is always a gold mine of hidden talents, unused strengths, and untapped passion. Imagine your life with all these hidden powers in action every day!
Any attempt to downshift your brain into survival mode would lose its meaning immediately.


Genius Joke of the Week:
Where do computers like to go in summer?
Boot camp


Have a Genius Week!
Otto Siegel
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