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The Power of Graphic Recording

My friend Taryl Hansen expresses her unique brilliance in a very special way: She captures the essence of any presentation, training session or keynote speech on a 5×3′ flip-chart panel by arranging and connecting the key elements in a way that significantly increases the depth and quality of remembering as well as sparking new discussions.

For the first time we partnered last Thursday during my presentation for parents of gifted children at the Scottsdale School District. Topic: “Bright and Bored – Now What? A fresh Perspective on Anxiety and Violence”.

After more than an hour of live interaction with a curious and engaged audience I was deeply impressed with her summary:


Behavioral research tells us that we process pictures 60.000 times faster than words. I definitely experienced the power of this result in action. Many parents took pictures at the end and commented: ” This is the best summary I can take home tonight!”.

Thank you, Taryl!


Your scale can be very misleading

There is a multi-milion dollar confusion promoted in the media every day and discussed abong millions of (mostly) women with the same intensity: Losing weight.

While most of us might associate this term with getting rid of excessive fat, mostly around the waist line and legs, for the body – biologically – losing weight can mean completely different things: dehydration, decreasing lean muscle mass, shrinking of vital organs or a combination of everything.
Your brain LOVES clear and concise information, so let’s have a closer look: Obviously obesity is extremely widespread in the US and has been increasing especially with children over the past decade. How does it actually work on a cellular level?
Processed food and preservatives to increase shelf life play a major role: These chemical substances are completely foreign to the body and cannot be identified as nutrient by our very own cells. Most of them cannot be dissolved in water, only in fat. Therefore the body cannot simply flush them out through the kidneys; it MUST produce extra fat cells to store these substances and prevent toxicity in body cells that would slow down or even shut down the cellular metabolism. What a physically intelligent mechanism, if you think about it!
So if you would force your body with any diet to eliminate these fat cells, it would build them right back up after the program is over to prevent self-intoxication. So it is NOT about weight loss, but rather about recovering from a metabolic disorder called obesity that impacts every single organ of your body. With THIS clear focus in mind you understand why ongoing detoxification is a MUST and why you cannot expect quick results: only then shedding extra pounds of unnecessary fat storage cells will be a natural consequence of the real biological need: Embracing a healthier lifestyle 24/7.
Does the mindset need to change FIRST, before the complex biochemical shift can happen? Most likely…! After all – your body is a biological miracle and your body IS YOU.


How do you communicate….

What price do we pay when we substitute virtual communication for personal contact? texting

Only in most recent years science has been paying more attention to the first and most important sense we have been born with – the sense of touch. The results are quite surprising, especially about affective touch as the most powerful way of social connection:


– Babies with lack of touch show emotional and physical impact on their normal development.- Waitresses get higher tips when they briefly touch their customers, if they aware of it or not.

– More touch-oriented doctors, managers and teachers get higher ratings.

– Couples in a coffee shop touch each other up to 180 times per hour in Puerto Rico, 110 times in Paris, twice in Gainesville, FL and 0 times in London.

I just prepared a presentation about “The Power of Human Touch” for a Conference next week in Telluride, CO, and feel extremely excited about these unexpected and profound results.  Stay tuned for more fascinating insights and practical tips to enhance communication and collaboration with very practical new behavior tools!

Visiting the Dentist.

Jean* is a well educated girl and just celebrated her 8th birthday. She had only ONE big challenge in her life – her dentist. He was a cold person and grim looking, with little or no feeling for her fears and sensitivity.

So when the time for the next appointment came around, she dressed up as a pirate. Her mom was simply speechless and asked her: “Why in the world did you to THAT?” Her response was very clear: “Only pirates are allowed to kill people without being punished.”

What would have been your next sentence if Jean* would be your child?

What does the entire story tell you?

Add Heart and Soul to Life

What five words pop into your mind immediately when you hear the word “future”?

This was a little exercise one of the key presenters did with us in the audience during the BRINK 2015.1 conference -Discovering the Future last weekend. What was your answer? How did your partner respond? Or your child(ren)?

The results might lead to very interesting discussions. Facing_The_Future_Without_Fear_Web







Two major topics included Artificial Intelligence and the Revolutions against Sickness, Aging and Death. 42 speakers had a lot of colorful contributions to make around these 2 topics. Which one is closer to your heart?

What is more important than embracing creativity, innovation and disruption as power tools to create a new future fairly quickly?

To make this future attractive and livable, we might want to add heart and soul to the equation: Bright intelligence alone will not be able to create warmth and caring.

We all have something to say about it. Every day. Creating is the new approach. After all: We live in the most exciting times in Human History. The overwhelming amount of negative daily news about small events might distract us with fear.

Are you ready to create something much better and meaningful than that every day?


What makes it sooooo hard sometimes to change old habits and behavior? Even after attending the most advanced seminars and lectures, after reading all the right books and listening to online programs – still: For most of us it seems to be extremely hard to take action and get out of the rut.

My friend and owner of the first international Genius Coaching business license Oleg Fleyer in Minsk/Belarus found a fascinating
and fun (!) video on this topic:

The genius difference to a ‘normal’ bicycle: This one turns left, when you move the handle to the right. You might not believe how long it takes to learn this new way of riding a bicycle.

AND – how long it will take you to re- learn how to ride a normal bicycle after you finally learned to operate the other one.Life-Change-Quote

This unique combination of brain and muscle memory is simply fascinating to me and threw me in deep reflection about the power of coaching as a process of effective behavior upgrade and a key ingredient for lasting change: Passion/Joy/Excitement.

How does it resonate with you?

Listen to your BODY!

Who do you know that suffers quietly? Is she/he a child, teenager or adult?

Savannah* grew up in a wealthy family in California with all the privileges of a great education, competitive swimming, horseback riding and lots of intellectual and entrepreneurial stimulation.

She started a successful and stressful corporate career and her joyful outgoing nature disappeared over time. Her marriage seemed to be happy initially, but showed more and more deep disagreements; their only child was simply bright and brilliant, but had a hard time to relate socially. body wisdom

Then she developed some mysterious diseases – an elbow injury that healed very slowly, disturbed sleeping patterns and a profound unhappiness. However, she always smiled on the outside until she realized that she tried very hard to live through her son and neglect her own life. One day her close friend burst her bubble by calling her a ‘helicopter mom’, hovering over her son and slowing down his emotional development.

This interaction most likely saved her life – her body was not meant to suffer and suppress her own aliveness.

Do you see body wisdom in action?

* not her real name


Being Highly Sensitive!

images (3)

Do you consider high sensitivity as an advantage or a challenge?

Laura* actively dislikes reading and writing although she is bright and brilliant by nature. So I asked her for how long she has been feeling that way.

Her response “For more than 30 years! And I remember the day and time when it all started: In Elementary School I wrote a very creative story I felt very proud of. But my teacher simply ripped it apart in front of my entire class. That was it – from that day forward I hated reading and writing.”

Damage like this is done every day, especially to quiet and highly sensitive children and adults who experience a very  rich emotional life on the inside. One traumatic experience can have a truly devastating impact on their emotional and mental development.

sensativequoteIn reality – sensitivity is a HUGE gift and comes frequently in combination with a highly awake intuition. Wouldn’t it be a big advantage to not only be smart but also ‘see around the corner’ into the immediate future?

It would make us even more human  with sharper senses and more connection with each other on a deeper level. I DEFINITELY want that – how about you?

Being a Genius means being DIFFERENT!

” Why were we born to stand out, but everyone makes us fit in?” was the question of 9-year old Dave* to his mom at bedtime last week.

Pause for a minute and think about your response to this brilliant question.


Does it come as a surprise that Dave* battles with health challenges and feels frequently that “nobody understands me?” He loves to talk to adults who have a sense for his uniqueness and treat him as a person, not as a child. Only highly sensitive people can feel so deeply and express their feelings in a simplicity that sounds like wisdom.


True genius is vulnerable and powerful at the same time; it always comes in a package: Intelligence – sensitivity – intensity – specialty – passion


What is the magic behind assessments?

Many popular assessments have been available for decades and enjoy a timeless popularity. Obviously open minded and curious people around the world love to learn more about themselves as a very important ingredient for lasting success in business and life. So let’s have a closer look:

You are presented with a number of statements and asked to rate each one of them on a scale from 1-4 or 1-5. On top of that your time for each answer might be limited to 20 seconds. The purpose?

images (2)

To keep your mind busy and focused on one statement at a time while your answers are linked to simple outcomes that provide deeper insights.

Here is an example: Our own Genius Intelligence assessment groups 76 different statements around 12 qualities of intelligence. We are not interested how intelligent you are. Our question is “How are YOU intelligent?” We focus on the quality of intelligence and the unique combination you show as an individual.  

Personally, I love the simplicity of assessment results, the invitation to reflect more about them and discuss them with friends. It has been a great way to discover ‘blind spots’ about myself over the last 11 years.
Want to find out more?