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What moves those of genius, what inspires their work is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough. – Eugene Delacroix

Bring Genius Coaching to Your Event

Over the course of his career creating and delivering genius coaching programs for leaders and teams, Otto Siegel has changed thousands of lives. He has developed deep insights into the human side of business and he shares the practical benefits of this powerful approach. He is an engaging public speaker who touches the hearts and minds of any audience. They laugh, they cry, they learn practical behavior tools for themselves and the people around them.

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Invite Otto to come and speak to your organization. Tell us about your event and we will prepare a customized presentation that fits your event and needs.

Some of his most requested topics include:

  • Step out of the Box and into Your Genius


Thinking out of the box is no longer good enough without any action to follow. When you step out of the box, what do you step into? Participants will benefit from experiencing a personal paradigm shift, get in touch with their own dynamic spark of genius and learn highly innovative tools to overcome internal barriers. A significant boost in creativity and personal motivation are guaranteed; this will result in more effective team collaboration and higher personal and team productivity.


  • The Power of Trust for Your Team

How much do your employees LOVE to come to work every day? Are they truly engaged in your company’s vision and mission?trust_fall

This highly interactive presentation will provide practical examples for trust as the ‘ONE thing that changes everything’. After all, trust is not a belief or a decision – it is a gut feeling and powerful catalyst that can be developed or destroyed every day.


  • Genius Leadership – Brilliant Simplicity in Action


Leadership in action is behavior based and personal, not a philosophy or agreement. This presentation provides that long desired breakthrough to a pragmatic (and simple) way of leadership that introduces behavior based tools that apply to every culture and every level in every organization. Genius leadership might be simple, but not always easy.


    • The Power of Listening for Leaders and Sales Professionals download (1)

While Western cultures teach that free expression is the most powerful tool for success, Eastern cultures emphasize profound listening as most influential. Explore the secrets behind this gap and leverage it immediately for your daily business interactions

Introduction to: “Am I Crazy or Brilliant?”