Hero Stories

Hi Otto, thank you for an excellent presentation today. I was impressed with your ability to build rapport with the audience, and to engage them in the material. One of your gifts is that you are “real”- yes, you are a businessman and you are looking to grow your company- but you show up as a genuine human being who wants to deliver value and help people grow into their potential. Congrats on a great session. I wish you a wonderful summer! – Vered Kogan, PCC, MBA
Career Strategist and Executive Coach

“The Genius coaching session for our Senior leadership team last week was the best investment we have ever made in leadership development……by far! The content was exceptional, Otto was riveting and brilliant as a teacher/facilitator and my senior leaders loved every minute of it.
The ideas and knowledge we left with will help us be much better coaches and far more effective collaborators and leaders. Everyone who leads people needs this experience. If it were required in every company for new leaders the results it would engender would be staggering in my view.”
– Jerry Acuff, CEO Delta point, Inc.

Hey Otto! I hope all is well. I wanted to send you a quick update on the direction my life has taken.

Life is great. Family is great. And business is great. The conclusion to my time with you was to do custom builds and make $$$. It’s finally happened.

I was in a meeting about a month ago and I overheard someone talking about an artist that bailed on a project where he was supposed to build this piano. So I asked what they were looking to do. They had 5 days to complete before the big gala at the Mesa Art’s Center. They thought I was crazy when I told them to drop the Piano off at my house and as long as they let me do my thing it would be the coolest most talked about piano out of the 24 that were being done by artists. They had no choice and agreed. It was a crazy build but it’s been they most photographed piano of them all including being featured in every media article including the front page of the Tribune.

Anyway, that build has lead to a contract to build 5 custom pieces for a custom event background company that will triple my income doing what I love:)

I thought you would want to know that my time with you has everything to do with my success and happiness today.

Thank you! Take care, Sean

crazy piano






Check this link out. The Piano is located right outside city hall in Mesa and people can upload pics and videos with the Piano.


Otto’s class was tremendously positive, interactive and engaging. I learned more in this one day than in many 3+ day courses. – Monica Loomis, Oracle Corporation

Otto, you did it! YOU told me that I was a business woman and that snapped me out of my dream! I believed in you and now i have my own business where I make dog treats and sell them at AJ’s stores where I used to work and now I am one of their vendors. With only one sentence you gave me the confidence in myself. Thank you for that! – Ania Kleszcz

I am adding a second review ! Otto has seriously changed my life, he continues to do that every time I see him. He was born to do coaching and he really is a genius 🙂 – Ania Kleszcz

I highly recommend Otto and Genius Coaching for anyone battling ADD or ADHD. I wish I would have found him about 20 YEARS ago! With his simple techniques and innovative way of teaching, I was able to stop taking my ADD medication and start living an exciting life. Thanks Otto! – Sean Barry

My name is Oleg Fleyer. I live in Minsk, Belarus. After many investigations and tryings with different coaches I was very happy to find Genius Coaching and Otto Siegel. This was right solution for me in right place and time of my life. I’ve met an amazing person Otto which energized me even without questions. Otto coached me for 3 months and our meetings became groundbreaking for me and impacted all areas all my life for a long time. Otto has very unique vision for all Humanity where everybody lives with innate Genius and enjoy life unfolding Genius in every tiny action every day. With Otto you always want to make next step because of he listen you deeply behind words, he asks very powerful questions which blow your mind, and he create safe and creative environment where you can safely play with your own Genius. The truth is I am certified Genius Coach now and develop Genius Coaching in my own way on Russian speaking area. It is the only beginning….

Otto is a masterful coach and beyond that he is so unique! If you are looking for a coach that is experienced, cutting edge, and deeply intuitive…you will find no individual like him. Whether you are looking for coaching, want to become a coach, or you are looking to bring coaching and leadership development to your organization or school, I recommend having just one conversation with Otto! You will be left inspired, in awe, and wanting more! He offers something that is unlike what anyone else there is doing and helps others tap into their own GENIUS!

During a coaching session about of my Physical Intelligence, with only 3 powerful questions Otto opened a door for me that will forever change my life. One of my greatest talents is actually something that creates the most fear for me. What a powerful gift I received, by simply shifting my perspective that I can control and leverage this gift without fear and I am now empowered to celebrate this talent. The power and potential of this experience was so profound and deeply personal, yet Otto simply and gracefully unearthed something I had attempted to hide from myself for years. Forever grateful and changed!

Otto and Genius Coaching will deliver more than you imagined and you will be astounded by the results! – Gretchen Elmore

Hi there!

I would like to share with everyone my experience with Otto Siegel. I have a teenager son that has recently manifested his lack of motivation to continue living in this world. For him, this life just doesn’t make sense.

I have seen so many times how Otto has such great insights, especially for children and teenagers. He has transformed their lives for good. So, I immediately called him.In just ONE session with Otto, my son completely turned around his vision and feelings for himself. He came out of the session with a smile in his face, sharing what he wanted to do with his friends. For the first time in a long time I saw a spark in my son’s eyes. He was excited, talkative, expressing his emotions and thoughts about many things. IMPRESSIVE!!!I need to tell you that I hadn’t seen my son with that energy for quite some time. He was very depressed with suicidal thoughts.After his first session, my son told me: Otto is a genius, he really understands me!!!He is continuing to have more sessions with Otto and I can see how he’s coming more and more alive! Otto really cares about the people around him. He always brings out the best in you. He helps you to find that special talent that we all have, and make that talent work FOR you, giving you a true purpose in life. All of this with an ease, without the drama of so-called “therapy”.

If you have some challenges with your kid or somebody that you know needs guidance to find their inner genius, please don’t hesitate to see Otto. You will feel that it was the best decision you have ever made! – Claudia G.

First of all, that I DID get my mojo back. Thank you Otto! My presentation went very well. I am confident, capable, and competent to do ANY job that I WANT to do. Again, Thank you Otto! I am also wondering if the Universe is saying… ” I am already where I am supposed to be”. Larry and I had chatted this afternoon and I told him that I felt I let him down. That I was supposed to get another high powered job and make a good amount of money. I told him I felt very “responsible ” to take care of us (I know this is “my stuff ” from being a too responsible kid). He let me know that he just wants me to find a job I will be happy with. The amount of money I bring in doesn’t matter. He said anything helps, but my happiness comes first. He was worried that the drive and stress from the Call Center  would wear on me physically and emotionally. Thank you again Otto. You allowed me to see I still am, who I am. Today I feel strong, capable and able to move forward. Thank you for all your help and inspiration. Because of you, Otto, I can still move forward with strength and grace.  I appreciate all you have done for me. – Joanne

I’ve been using your techniques everyday and it has made a huge difference.
Personally, things couldn’t be any better. It took Jessica a month or so to get over my stupidness but our relationship is stronger now than it has ever been. It took me about a month as well to finally feel the way I did years ago. I wake up every morning at 5:30 and cook a healthy breakfast and get ready for the day. It’s amazing how awesome I feel. I still can’t believe I let things get that bad. Lesson learned I guess.

Thanks again Otto!-  Sean

Thanks Otto for the information and amazing session today. It’s incredible the difference I felt in my body from before the session to after and the rest of the day. I could feel the stress and tension leave my body!!
Thank you!! – K. Bartley

SO blessed to have met you and to have had the chance to learn from you!  The experiences have been so profound and playfully fun!
Thank you for sharing your genius with the world and helping me discover mine!
– The Best, Gretchen

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for Otto Siegel.  He is a fabulous coach and mentor and helped me increase sales volume while adding “balance” to my life.  If you are even thinking about tapping into your genius, I would encourage you to go for it.  – Kris A.

Every time I work with Otto, BIG things happen because of his touch.  He takes a person into a different realm.  He has no competition in what he does for people.  He is always a link in my expansion.  It is a physical experience. – Ilana L., Owner of Enerjoy Fitness

Otto has created the most powerful and profound program for self-awareness and improvement that I have experienced. Completing the Genius Profile has re-affirmed some life changes I made several years ago and has given me direction to focus on my true strengths and purpose in life. Thank you Otto!!! – Joe M.

I have a better handle on my body. After working out I was going to say I like how my body is responding. I then said I like the way I am responding to working out. I feel this is a huge difference in thinking. Many people work out or say my body is doing this. Whatever I feel physically when coupled with thinking is very powerful. How do you feel about these thoughts?Thank You.

Your book does open the heart and mind. I am on page 15. Already, I see so many ways that I hid my genius. Thank you for taking the time to write the book. – Allan E., Phoenix, AZ

Well Otto funny to read your tip this week. What can I say. You were the best teacher I had and you have proven to be a role model more after school than during school by finding your Genius and pursuing your dream. I admire that and it inspires me to possibly one day do the same. –Peter A. Atlanta, USA

Your LEGO boxes are magic so everyone can create the life he wants to really live in 5 minutes!!! I acknowledge you for all you are doing for Geniuses worldwide! – Oleg F., Perspektiva Group Ltd. Mogilev, Belarus

Strength based leadership techniques, best practices and tools have been very beneficial in  multiple ways.  I’ve used them in positive organizational situations that require leadership and guidance to move an organization’s business forward, to build organization capability, to enhance and improve team performance, and to grow teams.  The same techniques can be used in troublesome or problematic organizations to stabilize, manage dysfunctional teams, address trust and respect issues, provide mechanisms to help teams learn to collaborate, improve performance, and eliminate the dysfunctional behaviors. – Joanne W., Director, Customer Support. www.intacct.com

Otto, I am always excited to read the Weekly Genius Tips.  However, this week’s tip immediately captured my attention as it shares your experience of working with under-privileged youth.  I am absolutely inspired and happy that you have been given the opportunity to make such an incredible contribution to this under-served group.  Helping them identify and release their potential (innate brilliance) will unlock their futures and put them on a life trajectory that we can only imagine.  We continue pressing onward with our youth development work here in Hampton Roads, and hopefully our paths will merge in the near future.Peace and Light,– Bob   

Dear Otto, How wonderful you are.  I wish there had been someone like you when I was growing up.  My mother always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be but to me that was just my mother.  I am so thankful that I am learning that I have a talent and know what I want to do with it now.Bless you for seeing something in me that I could not see for myself and opening my eyes.  I once was blind but now I see. – J. W.

As soon as I reached out to Otto for guidance in my job search, things began to happen immediately.  The same day I called Otto I was contacted by a company I had previously applied to and scheduled for an initial phone interview.  I am experiencing how valuable it is to involve others in my development and stop making things a lot more difficult by doing it alone. – Michael C.

Otto is more than just a coach for me. He is the person in my life I was looking for for decades and all over the world! And I feel now there is my life before and after meeting with Otto. I was in a box in my previous life. So many efforts but no satisfaction with life, no passion, many thoughts out of reality. And now I feel the in the way to my Genius, to creativity, real freedom, I feel the strong meaning of my life and passion from what I do every day! I feel my mission is to make people happy through Genius Coaching and I a have strong desire to develop it internationally!Otto is worthy of being world famous because of several reasons: first, he is very unique, charismatic and an egoless person with a very interesting personal life story and way of coaching. Second, Genius Coaching touches your core sooooo deep that you have no chance not to brake all blocks for your truly Genius Life! Third, Genius Coaching is simple and internationally applied!!! Otto is the real Big Purple Cow in the Coaching World!!!I believe that Otto’s dreams will come true and very soon we will be able to enjoy a Genius School, Genius Edu-taiment and Genius Gamization based on the Genius Coaching principals!!!

Go ahead, Otto!!! I am proud to be in your Genius Team!!! – Oleg F., Mogilev, Belarus

True genius cuts across divisions and segmentations, and Otto does just that. He’s helped everyone from famous athletes to elementary school children to entrepreneurs tap into their inner strength and learn to live a more productive, satisfying lifestyle. I’m extremely grateful for his influence in my life and in the lives of many of my closest friends and associates. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, attend a workshop, or do individual coaching, jump on it!- Noah D., Director Sure Spark Internet Marketing, Scottsdale

Your coaching gently pushed me to the center of the truth about me.– Janice M.

Why would I want to die with so much potential?– Seth J.

As a genius coach, you are a trusted advisor for me who walks the talk.  I almost feel it’s not the same life anymore: before it was all work, now it’s totally balanced and joyful. Finally my body and my mind are congruent. – Kris A.

Through this process my marriage and family ties became stronger. Several friends went through a similar period of having a bad job and did not realize how much this impacts their family life. 
I was in the wrong place in my life before working with you. In a short period of time you showed me that I had strengths I used every day but really never understood. For years now I had health problems that no one could explain. Now there is no need to explain them as they begin to go away. – G.K.

I want to thank you for the new direction you have given me with my career path. – M.D.

I feel the world is more open to me now than it has been in years. – G.P.

I’ve experienced a complete personal and professional transformation – after losing my job and applying for unemployment, with your support I was able to articulate a perfect job in a great company and found it after our 5th session.  – I.V.

I am having waves of “travail” but without doubt every time we talk it’s like I get re charged and re energized! In fact Friday I was contacted by a consulting agency to be a reference for someone. Anyway a conversation about the reference turned into a conversation about the energy I have and the owner was blown away by my approach to life and business.. So far he wants to hire me straight away! However I felt like never before the need to tell him I can only commit to x Mount of hours per month and I’d rather work the coaching and hangs aspect of his business as a contractor than be an employee… He was completely blown away with how honest I was and wants me to talk to their board of directors about becoming a views resource!!! This is a BIG group with huge potential across many industries. Thank you OTTO 6 sessions have changed my life – Michael M.

Seth and I were up until 1 this morning talking (imagine that. By the way, since we’ve started genius coaching, our combined sleep hours have plummeted. You might want to get a warning label for your business for this. . ) and we were talking about me being stuck with my head stuck on doing laundry, or other simple tasks (a genius problem, right?) and how I tend to dwell on the things I can’t do as opposed to what I can do well. He made a comment about not doing the laundry and it occurred to me, hey, should I stop trying to be good at all the things I’m not good at! Woa! Genius! I can sort, wash, and dry clothes, but folding and putting them away is where I get disinterested and lost. So after breaking it down, I need to do laundry by clothing type, not color. Crazy that everyone i’ve known my whole life has taught me to live this one way, and I’m just not good at it at all! I’ve been doing my own laundry for 16 years! 16 years of clean laundry pile insanity, finally resolved. And that’s just laundry! Okay, not to air my ‘dirty laundry’, but I wanted to share that with you. Thanks for genius coaching. PS- after your comment about my job not reflecting who I am, I reached double my weekly average of appointments by end of Wednesday! Ha ha! – Karina

I just started reading your book. And on page 2 of Susanna’s intro, I am crying, tears are streaming down my face.  That’s exactly me in a different way.  Thank you to you both for being brave to write it in a book and share. xoxo – Kira B.,  Founder, Editor, Shoperone

You are such a genius! You made me feel so heard, so validated, and so safe. What a wonderful experience it was. Thank you.. My Lego’s experience was so revealing; I am chuckling with delight as I think of your comments. Hurray! – Ellen

Otto, I again have to tell you how much my life has changed for the better since I have worked with you. For so many years, when I encountered a new task for work , there was much fear and apprehension. The question was always, ” What if I am not good enough, what if I fail, I am not that smart, am I ?” and I could go on and on. With the shift in thinking that I learned from you, those questions no longer pop into my head. What does pop into my head now when I am faced with a new challenge is ” I can do this”, ” I AM intelligent or bright enough to handle this” …. and all of this now WITHOUT FEAR OR ANXIETY !!!! This is so huge for me . My life has always been laden with that coat of fear for any new task I faced . Always feeling that I was not good enough or smart enough. ( Have I said that more than a couple of times already ? ! ) You can see how this was an epidemic in my life but, the good news is , it is not an epidemic in my life any longer . Thanks to you Otto, I am fearless !!! I feel so strong and empowered. I am no longer that “milk toast” that my Dad used to call me with hopes that by him saying that it would toughen me up. -Joanne G.

Hi, Otto, I really enjoyed your presentation, the information, and the laughs!  Well done & thanks.  I look forward to you working with Kevin and my family in the near future. Regards, – Mark S.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the training/certification. I especially want to thank you for your commitment to all of us that we be as great as we can be.  You inspired us all to go beyond what we think is possible and then to “stretch a bit more.” Thanks again for your cheer leading, questions, and insight.  These are the tools that are creating the first steps on this exciting journey. -Laura Z.

I wanted a change to occur. I was ready, anxious and impatient for that the happen. There is a process to go through for one’s genius to blossom. I did the hard work, the home work and at times it was painful. When I got clarity and wrote out exactly what I do, literally within minutes my phone rang with an opportunity. During the writing of my Bio/Resume-Work History I evolved into what I am. The transformation happened from the head down into my gut. I could not write it until I believed in all my pores that I am a Business Upgrade Consultant. My sessions with Otto were always focused times, thought provoking and two way conversations. He asked great questions and we always had a topic for our meeting. I especially liked getting a CD of our session right away so that I could listen to it over and over. This way I could hear his wisdom and guidance several times … a great learning tool. I would highly recommend Otto from Genius Coaching to anyone who is ready to make a change. And by ready, I mean really ready to go deep, listen, ask the hard questions and commit to changing.– Claudette C.

In my first session with Otto I stated what I wanted to get out of my coaching, the list seemed unattainable but he asked me to be bold and brave!

  1. To be a positively impacful leader
  2. To acquire and develop my listening skills
  3. To become a secure leader who empowers others.
  4. To develop my time management skills and prioritizing
  5. Balance work and like.

I am in awe that not only have I acquired these goals, some I have mastered! The tools that I have been given to continue on my journey of excellence as a leader has been priceless. I cant express how I appreciate Otto’s way of coaching you along to find the answers within…what a gift! Thank you Otto for coaching and inspiring me to create a new life…Karly Inc. You have given me a new found confidence! – Karly A.

I had dropped out of high school over 54 years ago because I had to go to work. Now in my 72th year I felt I needed a new career. I didn’t have a lot of confidence and faith in myself that I could go to school again. You made me feel confident. Coaching with you was a real boost for me to get me out of the sphere of failure and the exercises for my brain you did with me helped me focus much more and feel much less overwhelmed. They were really, really great. – David C.

Through Otto’s straight feedback, encouraging loving words and unusual body based genius-concept I was able in just four sessions of 30 minutes to:

  1. Let go of my resistance against my own genius and the fact that I am an amazing gifted, talented special human being
  2. Deepen the appreciation and love for myself and what I created in my life (my fulfilled marriage, my gifted kids, my passionate business, my beautiful home…)
  3. Allow myself to trust my gut and step out of the old paradigms of marketing and sales I struggled with for so long, trying to fulfill expectations I always felt intuitively were wrong
  4. Start training my attention to focus on my own real feelings inside my body instead of getting forth to listen to my critical doubting shattering mind
  5. Make the executive decision to never again struggle with money but rather allow money to flow into my life as a beautiful reflection of the genius I am, not worrying what to do next but rather focusing on enjoying my new intense relaxed way of being.

Thank you Otto for all of these gifts. -Sylvia B., www.becker-hill.com

My wife noticed that I am much more supportive of her. -Rich K., VP of Operations and Quality, Atronic Americas, Scottsdale, AZ

The work with you had allowed me to really focus on my exceptional talents that you helped me unfold. As a result of your work I found my last few months at Per-Se much more rewarding. As you know, I’m leaving to pursue a new chapter in my life and I know that the insights gained as a result of your coaching allowed me to embrace the possibilities and make this a reality. -Deborah S., VP, Customer Support, Per-Se Technologies, Gilbert, AZ

Hey Otto!  Thought about you today as I sat in the backyard of my first home in Nashville, and I just wanted to say thank you for everything you and Genius Coaching have done for my life!! 🙂 Every time I defeat my inner terrorist, I feel a physical release from my body and can focus much better on my task at hand.

I am doing better than I have ever been before in my life.  My career and personal life bring me gratitude and joy daily.  I now play with a live band when I perform gigs, and it is so much more powerful than playing music from a computer.  I have been satisfactorily writing prolifically while continuing to do my eye exercises and cross-walks weekly. I’ve even gotten a bunch of my friends to do their cross-walks, too now.  Haha! (I’ve told them about Genius Coaching and you)

Aside from music, my most recent endeavor has been developing the “Rap App”!  An entertaining rhyming dictionary app that helps teach rap as a more learnable art form.  It is, in essence, rapping training wheels.  I strongly believe the “Rap App” will be another way I can use my gift of rhyming to help others while simultaneously bringing in a generous income.

You made a great impact on my life Otto, and I just wanted to say thank you.  You’re a great guy with a huge heart and awesome personality!! Hope this finds you with a smile wherever you’re at! – Blake

“Otto Siegel facilitated “Think, Act and Speak ‘Out of the box'” in two locations of our company – two workshops for technical leaders, two for managers and two keynote presentations. In all cases, the workshops were highly experiential, fun, and practical. In the full-day workshops, students rated content and Otto’s facilitation skills as a “1” (on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being “excellent”). He helped students practice creatively setting boundaries, and improve their creative thinking through brain exercises and shifting perspectives. In my time as Program Manager in our Fortune 100 company’s Leadership Development Team, Otto is one of the most gifted and entertaining facilitators I have worked with.” -Deborah Caldwell, IBM Leadership Development Program Manager, Tucson, AZ

How do you thank someone who gives you a gift no one else has….seeing what you consider your biggest weakness as your biggest strength?! Thank you for your passion and inspiring me to step into my brilliance! – AMY

Otto, you are such a blessing and an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and changing the world by investing in us. You have opened me up to my love and purpose – Cassandra