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How passionate do you feel about supporting business leaders or families with bright children  to overcome behavior challenges and be their personal best? How much would you benefit from learning the most advanced and effective professional tools for this rewarding adventure?

Join a growing professional trend in the US and beyond and consider full-time or part-time genius coaching as a business!  In educational or professional environments, you can bring out the best in people of any age, and you will make a lasting impact as you work with both individuals and teams. In a very condensed and interactive format, becoming a Certified Genius Coach will give you the direction and skills you need to:

  • Strongly encourage people of any age to live their best life, and use challenges to grow
  • Initiate fresh communication to build more trust and connection in families and companies
  • Support highly intelligent children and adults to overcome behavior challenges
  • Upgrade your natural communication and leadership skills to a professional level
  • Enhance emotional and conversational healht in families and organizations as a requirement for a more meaningful life and career

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“Thank you for everything you taught and shared with me.  Most importantly, THANK YOU for helping me find a new purpose for my life!  This truly has been a life-changing experience that continues to be enriched daily!” – Cindy Marie Judy

The program has been developed for fast-paced learners and is delivered in three modules:

  • Module 1 will provide you with proven professional coaching tools that can be applied immediately in families, schools, or companies. Enjoy the profound simplicity of a professional coaching conversation as a true ‘game changer’ of human communication.
  • 3 Weekly webinars cover the basics of building a coaching business
  • Module 2 introduces our Genius Profile™, the most comprehensive evaluation system for human brilliance for children and adults on the market. Experience your own genius blueprint as a foundation for life and business; learn how to share this unique value with people you care about and prospective clients.
  • 3 Weekly webinars focus on unique marketing and sales methods
  • Module 3 delivers Physical Intelligence© as the new behavior-based framework to cause and accelerate lasting change in your cellular memory. Specific exercises support you and others to remove outdated habits from your neurological pathways and to stimulate more successful behavior in the brain and nervous system. Unwanted behavior disappears faster, and confidence levels improve rapidly.

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Otto is more than just a coach for me. He is the person that I was looking for, for decades and all over the world! Looking back, I can reflect on my life before and my life after meeting Otto. In my previous life, I was in a box. I sacrificed so much time and effort, but there was no satisfaction with life and no passion.  But now, I feel that I’m on the right track towards Genius, creativity, and real freedom. My life has more meaning, and I feel passion for what I do every day! I feel like my mission is to make people happy through Genius Coaching, and I have a strong desire to develop this internationally!

Otto is worthy of being world famous because of several reasons: first, he is very unique, charismatic, and selfless. He has an interesting, personal life story and style of coaching. Second, Genius Coaching touches your core sooooo deeply that you will break all the stumbling blocks as you pursue a truly Genius Life. Third, Genius Coaching is simple and internationally applied! Otto is the real “Big Purple Cow” in the Coaching World!!!

Go ahead, Otto!!! I am proud to be on your Genius Team!!! -Oleg Fleyer, Perspektiva Group Ltd., Mogilev, Belarus.

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 Module 1:  September 14 and , 2018 from  9am-5pm
 Module 2:  October 12 and 13, 2018 from 9am-5pm
 Module 3:  November 9 and 10, 2018 from  9am-5pm


Address: Hampton Inn: 16620 N Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ

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