Collective Human Intelligence (CHI) for Your Company

In everything you do, you contribute to the quality and efficiency of your company culture every day. People create numbers, bring structures to life, execute strategies, and close deals – just like a cause and effect. What would a targeted investment in your people do for your company? Not an investment to ‘fix weaknesses’ but an investment that develops the two most powerful reasons for high profit margins and employee engagement:

Individual strengths development & Trust-based communication

Employees who value their own strengths and the individual strengths of others while practicing honest and open communication, create a thriving company culture. Any company – no matter what size – committed to developing individual strengths and open communication significantly grows their sales and profit margins. Trust, creativity, employee engagement and client loyalty increase with this simple and common sense approach: People over Profit. Not just empty promises, but tangible lasting results.  Read more here

Genius Coaching is unique: We listen carefully for hidden brilliance in your organization – frequently disguised as daily challenges – and then suggest a customized solution – in most cases, individual Executive and Leadership Coaching combined with highly innovative team programs like “Step Out of the Box and Into Your Genius.”

Over the past decade a VARIETY OF ORGANIZATIONS like Oracle, Atronic Americas, Microsoft Reno/NV embraced this innovative approach to significantly increase employee engagement and customer loyalty.

Are you ready to blow your (Executive) Leadership mind? 
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