Attention deserves your Attention

The deficit of attention has been getting a lot pf publicity over the past decade: ADD and ADHD turned into widely acknowledged disorders in the US and beyond. In many situations medication might be very helpful as a temporary solution to the symptoms. But let’s have a closer look into the root causes:

Why did so many children, young adults and adults lose attention? Are highly intelligent people of any age drowning in an endless sea of sameness? Bored with mind-numbing repetitions? Distracted with screaming superficiality? Stifled in their creativity by standardized and limiting multiple-choice tests? Confused between memorizing and meaningful learning?

How can the obvious deficit or even inflation of attention be reversed? Here are 3 powerful questions that can serve you as guiding stars to re-ignate natural curiosity and genuine interest:

  1. What am I really interested in?
  2. What do I want to be an expert at?
  3. Why was I born?
Attention builds connection and trust, quickly and effectively. It deserves a top spot as a communication tool and might be the most valuable commodity…!