“This happened Completely Unexpected!”

Recently, I discovered that my 10 year old son had, without my permission, made over $100 worth of gaming purchases on his PS4. He was banned from the PS4 until he repaid the money in chores. Also he has been grounded from T.V., cell phone usage, and play-dates for 2 weeks.

Interestingly enough, over the course of 6 days, he, himself experienced better focus on his work in class, more socializing with the family, and greater creativity and insight into himself.
During our session today with Otto, Chris* expressed that he has found he can focus on work for longer, and implement the tools we have learned from Otto, when needed. Hearing this from Chris*, astounded me, and I realized my child, and perhaps everyone’s children need boundaries and us, as parents to stand strong and guide.”

Digital distractions represent an increasing challenge in families with bright children as well as in organizations. Especially bright minds can be sent on a virtual detour quickly and develop the habit to prefer illusion over reality.

There is plenty of research to back up this alarming trend, but not a lot of behavior-based methodologies to replace unwanted habits. How ready are you to go beyond discussions and information? 

Strategic Parenting is our new program to explore the behavioral roots of distraction management, cyber bullying, anxiety and social isolation. Powerful and sensitive parenting calls for new tools like Behavior Modeling and Pro-active Communication to emotionally guide their bright and sensitive children more successfully.

Strategic Parenting is NOT a workshop, but a combination of one half-day event for personal interaction, one conference call to share experiences and one individual coaching session to customize solutions.