Did you ever get a Personal Invitation from a Humanoid Robot?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely a manifestation of human genius – at the cutting edge of of current technology, combined with brilliant creativity and imagination.


Sophia is a Humanoid, created at Hanson Robotics in Hongkong. Her creators will present her in a real human dialog during the upcoming RAAD Festival in San Diego to demonstrate the high level of sophistication in AI.


Here is more about her in her own words:
Sophia represents the high standards of presenters from anti-aging research, highly progressive entrepreneurs and vendors from Europe, Australia and US who offer  innovative products and bio-marker tests at the RAAD Festival  in San Diego from 9/18-21. Next week!

Human Genius in action? YES!

What an exciting opportunity to be part of a global advancement for a significant upgrade in quality and quantity of human life and to meet thought leaders, celebrities like Suzanne Somers or Ray Kurzweil and 900+ life extension enthusiasts from 21 different countries!

It is not too late to spontaneously clear your schedule and register for this life-changing event!

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Throughout human history, genius ALWAYS has been on the forefront of innovation, creativity, progress and breakthrough. Many of them were alone with their insights. Now, geniuses gather to inspire each other and accelerate progress in several areas of human life that are relevant for everyone.

BTW RAAD stands for Revolution Against Aging and Death…!