Physical Intelligence of the Circulatory System

Did you know that 11.5% of your Circulatory System are arteries and 14.5% are veins? What about the rest? Get this: 74% are micro-vessels that range between 1/7th and 1/10th of a human hair in diameter and add up to 70,000+ miles in total length!

They deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell of your body and bring cellular waste and toxins to your kidneys and colon.

We think immediately about clogged arteries when we hear about a stroke or hart attack; in reality thousands of micro-capillaries might be clogged and cause a catastrophic event like that. Healthy and open blood flow in all capillaries might be crucial for mental alertness, sharp memory, regular heartbeat, coordination in the digestive system – practically for every organ function in our bodies.

Do you see biological genius in action?

Even more so when we understand how anxiety and fear narrows down our capillaries: The blood flows faster and oxygen cannot be delivered to cells in a sufficient manner. Therefore stress escalates on a cellular level and the brain might respond with ‘brain panic’.

Suggested daily practice: Breath deeply in an environment with fresh air and visualize how the capillaries open and make it easy for blood cells to flow and deliver Oxygen.