How do you like the magic of numbers?

Numbers are the universal language in the world of quantities. Large numbers might have a unique fascination when it comes to money, time or space. However, there is someting special about 100 Trillion:

  • It is truly mind blowing – Nobody can imagine how much that is (the imagination of skilled mathematicians might reach up to 2-3 billion)
  • 100 Trillion is the approximate number of stars in the visible universe.
  • 100 Trillion in the number of cells in your body.

Do we literally live in 2 universes – the outside one that gives us a lot to be in awe of,  and the inside one that is sitting on our chair and is most frequently simply ignored or overlooked?

Let’s stay with the biological one for right now – the unbelievable amount of human cells that constantly communicate through nerve cells, chemical messengers and hormones, forming specialized organs and collaborating in the most sophisticated way possible.

At Genius Coaching, we call this unlimited biological miracle “Physical Intelligence” or “Body Wisdom”. Parents adore it in their new-born baby. However, most people seem to lose sight of it as they grow up.

Most recently, the number 100 Trillion and the biological consequences involved attracted scientists and creative thinkers to confirm and validate some facts that have been the foundation of Genius Coaching for more than a decade:

  • The intelligence of our body cells is the root cause for mental or intuitive intelligence: Without the highly complex biochemical concert in every cell, our senses and nervous system would not be able to think and feel.
  • Learning, education and personal development will be much more successful and efficient when the biological foundation comes first: Healthy food, clean water, lots of joyful movement, healthy emotional relationships.

How does all this apply to you right now?

And, YES, there is a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE as well – the collaboration of hundreds or thousands of people with 100 Trillion cells each, called SWARM Intelligence: