Hidden Genius Information in Food

Remember my last genius tip about the power of mindset around food ? Thank you for all your responses and comments!

Let’s continue with a quick self-test: What are your thoughts and feelings while you eat?

Quality food in small portions makes me feel good. I take my time to eat and chew, enjoy the textures and flavors and eat 5-6 times a day to send my body constant signals: “I find the best healthy food for you so you can do your complex biochemical tasks in every cell and organ. I care about your/my health. Quality food is medicine for me. Great food replenishes my energy and is easy to digest. Quality food prevents sickness and degenerative diseases. The next meal/snack is coming in 2-3 hours.”

I used to suffer from hectic eating, sometimes in the car or quickly before my next appointment or while responding to emails. It took a while to interrupt these habits and replace them with better ones, but I found my nervous system to respond first: Less brain panic, more relaxed intensity, focus and efficiency!

It is not just the high amount of sugar in cookies or aspartame in Diet sodas that drives the brain crazy – it is also the mentality about low quality of food and neglecting the basic requirements of a highly intelligent brain and body: Quality over quantity.

On a cellular level food particles are also perceived as information: Fresh and non-processed food is easily recognized by our own cell membranes as digestible, chemicals are identified as foreign invaders that have to be removed by the immune system.

AND – most healthy people LOVE variety in food. I am sick and tired of “the right or wrong way of eating”. Therefore I am a FLEXITARIAN – plant-based, paleo recipes, great steaks, fish, delicious salads and vegetables, fruits, nuts and cheese – the choices are endless and the joy of selecting, preparing and eating it goes right along with it.

These two recently published books cut through the food confusion and have been inspiring me deeply: 

Yes, there is one ‘Diet’ I follow religiously: The Seefood diet – I see food and eat it!