How do you feel as an Outlier?

Almost 10 years ago Malcolm Gladwell published his national bestseller “Outliers – The Story of Success”. Initially he searched for a connection between IQ and success in life and career. However, he found staggering evidence that such a correlation simply does not exist. But here was – and is – the profound result that made him famous: Highly successful people in the US and abroad most frequently stand out with their unique brilliance and creativity! They simply don’t fit any norm, live part of their lives as rebels or face a lot of resistance from their peers who live ‘inside the bell curve.”

Outliers can be ‘highly intelligent misfits’ with unique perspectives, strong opinions and deep caring for others. They can add significant value as innovators if they find strong emotional support and encouragement to be as unique as possible.Here is the risk: If they never experience their own unique value and cannot find people who believe in them, they might turn easily into outsiders, close down emotionally and withdraw from friends and family members who actually care about them.

Harry* recognized number patterns at age 5. He was a straight A student up to his Senior High School year, but almost over night he lost interest in school, became severely depressed and did not want to leave the house. When we evaluated his Genius Intelligences as part of his Genius Profile it showed “Logical-Mathematical” towering above all the other qualities of intelligence. With specific tutoring and strong emotional support Harry* could turn his mental challenge around and became a highly successful software engineer.

* = not his real name

What is YOUR unique brilliance?

How much do you enjoy it?

How strongly do you apply it every day?