Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

Aldo* is a very special boy and started in Middle School last Monday. For the first 2 days he insisted that his mom came with him all the way to his brand new locker to check if he had everything he needed. He was almost in shock when he received the list of all the topics that will be covered this school year. Way too much for him because he has no concept of a whole year – he only sees NOW!

On day 2 he wrote a powerful poem about ants he observed in the back yard – for his own stress relief. The same day he felt really concerned about not being enrolled in tutoring yet. He is brilliant and may or may not even need it. Only after his mom signed him up his nervous system relaxed….

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Do you get the picture? Can you see how Aldo* could easily be labeled with anxiety disorder or early childhood depression?

Aldo* is simply brilliant AND highly sensitive, but he might ‘suffer’ from being a HSP, a Highly Sensitive Person.

HSP is not limited to children, but easily misunderstood and under-valued: Nearly every genius in human history had this experience: Bright, smart, visionary, unique, different, intense and extremely sensitive. Many of them tried to shut it down with drugs, depression or addictions. Aldo’s* parents will face the challenge to learn how to support him to develop this huge gift instead of questioning himself.

Are  you a HSP? Want to find out? Congratulations if you are!  It can turn into a huge gift if you learn to enjoy it as a significant advantage in life and business – as important as creativity and intelligence! Want some help with it?

*not his real name

Have a Genius Week!

Otto Siegel

Genius Coach